And here’s my latest sewing project!

I’m having a lot of fun with my sewing projects to the point that I’m starting to neglect a bit of housework on account of how engrossing it is! Hahaha!

Anyway for today’s bancarella, I thought that I’d introduce probably the biggest flea market in Rome – Porta Portese.

This mercato is opened every Sunday morning till about 2pm. And the easiest way to get here is probably to take the train to Trastevere and then switch to the number 8 tram.

To me, it’s interesting as the area is a regular road, but closed from traffic during market times. And here you could find a lot of things ranging from jewellery, vinyl, furniture. I even found some Milo Manara comics.

I’m not sure if it’s such a touristy place to be, but if you are ever in Rome, I think it’s something to be seen.

Anyway, I got this outfit for 1 euro. And I’m not too sure what exactly it is. Is it a skirt? Is it a top? In either case, each option is much too loose for me.

Nevertheless, I quite liked the delicate purple and blue flower prints.

So first things first, removing of all the extra tags. Jackpot. Is it a famous brand?

And I used my trusty seam ripper …

And scored for myself a free elastic band. Hahaha!

And then using a template (in Italian it is called cartamodello) from my favourite magazine, I scratched my head for a while trying to decipher it, and eventually managed to figure it out and had it traced out on a tracing paper.

The magazine claims that the edges are not included in the template, I had to make another tracing with a little bit of space on the fabric. And I learnt a new word. Gesso. That means chalk in Italian.

Here goes nothing! Again, I feel bad for cutting the outfit, it’s like destroying a completely perfect thing. So I had to strengthen my inner-self. Besides, if I messed up, it’s only 1 euro, I psycho-ed myself (please excuse the unclassy looking weights)

Snip snip snip! And here is the poor leftover!

I also made piping! This is an easy way to neaten an outfit and ironing helps to make the material flat and easier to work with.

Here goes nothing! It’s sewing time! I even put a post pad with scribbles of which stitches to use. Hahaha!

And this is what it looks like finished. The odd thing is that I followed the template for my sizing, but it turned out rather big for me. Burda! Y U TRICK ME!

The top may look simple, but it actually took a much longer time compared to my previous project on account that I had to be much more meticulous in measuring and then doing a running stitch to see that everything goes before doing the final machine sewing.

In any case, I quite adore the bunching up effect here. Cute!

Camwhore time! Hehehe!

I paired my top with a 4 euro skirt I got also from Porta Portese (H&M and it looked brand new!) bangles I got some while back, heels from Pazzion which was supposed to be my wedding shoes, a large band belt, and one of my favourite gold necklace which was a gift from my mum on my 23rd birthday.

I look like a lay-deh! So demure and coy.

My fab top is only 1 euro! Shh! Don’t tell anyone!

This is the, ‘I’m waiting for my boyfriend and he is late and I am starting to get annoyed‘ pose.

And my favourite pose of the moment :

Me channelling Victoria Beckham, all regal and sophisticated with a stare that can stop you with just one look.

Hahahaha!!! In any case, I had a lot of fun with this project and I don’t even mind wearing this ensemble out. So what do you think of the top I did πŸ™‚

7 Replies to “And here’s my latest sewing project!”

    1. Thank you so much XY. Your rike really means a lot to me … hehehehehe πŸ™‚

      The thing about the template is, they have a chart with the sizing that you measure. Like circumference of chest, circumference of waist, length of shoulders, etc. And from that, they give you your size. So in this case, I am EU size 40. So it shouldn’t be so baggy in the end. Which is why I’m so puzzled.

      Remember the first project I did with the skirt? It says size 44 which is supposed to be even too large for me but in the end, I couldn’t even put it across my waist cos it’s too small.

  1. I like the top! It’s super cute and the print is very girly. You did a great job matching it with the denim skirt!

    1. Thank you! The skirt was a great find wasn’t it? Only 4 euro! And because it is a neutral colour, it matches with loads of stuff πŸ™‚

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