Gelato Festival in Rome 2013

Cart and I were at the Auditorium Parco della Musica yesterday. It’s the same location where we watched the Pat Matheny concert a while back.

We were there yesterday as this was the location for the past three days for the Festival del Gelato. Being a gelato lover, this was something that I didn’t want to miss. As here you could find award winning creations by some the best gelato makers in the entire Italy – all in the same area.

This is a giant sized container for cherries if you were wondering, you’d see this in a lot of Italian gelateria

It’s officially Summer! And as it was rather warm in Rome, we only ventured there after 6pm when the weather was cooler. Nevertheless, there was a big conglomeration of people there. So many gelato fans! You could see lines and lines of people queuing up in front of the many booths.

It was only when we went closer was that we found that you’d have to queue up first to buy tickets. With this ticket, you get a black and white shopping bag (like what the girl is holding in the picture above) a packet of waffle-cookies, a coupon for a gelato-cocktail, a guide book, a maximum of 5 gelati sample of choice.

Tickets costs 12 euro though, and for the price of that, the size of your gelato bowl was really tiny. Moreover, with the very long lines, Cart and I both weren’t down with that, but we continued our look-see.

This was a sort of a bus where you could see people making gelato inside.

A lot of the gelato that is made in Italy uses these kind of machines to mix them together – it’s a much professional version compared to the one that Cart and I use.

This booth serves black forest gelato.

This is coffee gelato (if I’m not wrong)

This is a gelato with strawberries and passionfruit.

Peach gelato with a touch of chocolate sauce and pistacchio

White chocolate gelato with a touch of vanilla, chocolate and pistacchio.

I was joking with Cart that this was durian ice cream. He shot me this horrified look. Haha! It’s actually gelato with Sicillian oranges and a touch of chocolate. The colour is gorgeous though.

If I’m not wrong, this was a mix of cherries and pistacchio on cream gelato – making it the colours of the Italian flag.

This gorgeous looking one has chantilly cream, dulce de leche and gianduja.

Coffee with almond milk

There was also a conference hall where there were a few invited speakers who did courses on how to make gelato and others who gave tips about making gelato. We didn’t stay too long for this one because, when we reached there, the speaker was already halfway through, and we missed the bulk of the talk.

In the end, after visiting the Gelato Festival, we headed to one of our favourite, Tony Gelateria. It may not be award winning. But we both love it anyway 🙂

Less queue and only 2.50 euro 😛

Nevertheless, with the list of these gelaterie at hand, I think we’ll go around Rome for a gelato adventure at our own time 🙂