Happy women’s day!

8th of March is International Women’s Day, so happy Women’s day to everyone!

In Italy, there is a custom for women to give other women a stalk of yellow flowers called Mimosa as a form of feminism and sorority, but eventually lead to the men giving women the flowers too.


So don’t be surprised if you were going around Italy today and be accosted by people selling mimosas to you. In fact last year, I was riding back home and got a red light and unfortunately had to stop and lo and behold! A seller walked up to me, pushing me to buy some of his mimosas. I have to admit that I was extremely amused.

Me : Ma dai! Devo comprare io il fiore? Tu! Deve dare a me! (Are you kidding me? *I* have to buy them? It’s you that have to gift it to me!)

Seller : Ah si … sei una donna … (Oh right … you’re a woman)

The funny bit is, mimosa trees grows abundantly around Rome. Around these time when it’s close to Spring, you’d be able to see one in each corner of each residential area and it looks so cheerful with it’s bright yellow, fuzzy looking flowers.

Guess what I’m going to be doing this morning? Yes. Armed with my gardening scissors, I’m going to be like a ninja and climb a mimosa tree and pick at the flowers. Why buy when it’s all around you for the taking?


Hope no one catches me 😛

Sidenote : Entry to Museums are free in lieu of Women’s Day. Awesome!I think I’d like to visit one that I haven’t been to today 🙂

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        1. I managed to get some in the end … and then dogs began to bark as I was leaving … luckily for me they were behind fences! I’m not in their owners land anyway! Hahaha

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