Here is where you could get cheap English books in Rome

While Cart and I do use the Kindle and other forms of digital books, when it comes to children reading, I think physical books still have an advantage and your heart wouldn’t feel so in pain if you see frays, tears and whatnots as compared to a broken e-book reader.

I myself cracked my netbook a couple of days ago and am horrified. How on earth did I do that?

Anyway, when I first started my job in Rome teaching kids, obviously I was very excited and decided to get a number of books from an International bookshop. But English books can be rather expensive in Rome. I got this book for example, for 7.50 euros.

And this one below for 14.40 euros :

Both of them excellent books, don’t get me wrong. They are both wonderful in teaching colours, numbers and daily objects. But they are quite pricey aren’t they? And just yesterday, I spotted a regular English textbook for more than 20 euros.

Oh my. One or two books would be fine, but if you want to have your own little collection, it all adds up. Perhaps it is cheaper in Germany.

Getting books from Amazon could be more economical. But the trouble is, for kid’s books you don’t really have a good preview of how the book would be like – even with all the reviews.

These books for example, are a tad too small compared to what I had in mind and was a little bit challenging when showing it in a larger group.

But anyway, for those of you who are in Rome, you might want to check out Santa Susanna English Library. This is probably the only English library in Rome and it is located in Via Venti Settembre 15. Getting here is really easy – hop off the Repubblica metro stop, take a relaxing walk around the picturesque area and before you know it, you are there.

Climb up to the second floor, and there, personally for me, it doesn’t feel like I was in Rome any more because everyone I encountered there speaks in a British accented English. They were kind though, and will help you if you had any questions.

Here, you could find an ample amount of books that may interest you. For about 28 euros, you could borrow up to 8 books at a time for 3 months if you become a member.

I was there more for their book sale though, which I think is held about twice a year. I’ve been to the one held in October and the one just yesterday. Check out my loots :

I got all of these for 10 euros! 1 euro each. I think I was quite lucky to have found something from Roald Dahl as well as Richard Scarry. These are classics.

And for yesterday’s sale, I got all of these for 5 euros! 50 cents each. I can’t believe I found Charlotte’s Web. I loved reading it so much as a kid myself.

Awesome finds, aren’t they? Of course, when it comes to pre-loved items. It takes a lot of luck in finding them, if they are there at all. Nevertheless, do go on and try your luck as the sale continues today as well as on Sunday.

P.s. Congratulations to the newly engaged Jerrick and Michelle! I still am in disbelief 🙂

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  1. It took me a while to come around, but now I don’t know what I would do without my kindle. Instant English books that I don’t have to worry about moving when I change houses.

    I wish I was feeling more adventurous today and I might actually trek out there..

    1. Haha! If you’re in the mood for cheap books, you should go there during the next sale. I think possibly in October? If not for that, at least for the experience of temporarily not feeling like you are in Rome anymore without the need of a passport. Hehe 🙂

  2. is where i get all my books and textbooks as it is pretty affordable and provides free worldwide delivery. Not sure about their range of children books thou. ^^

    1. Thanks for the link. I was checking it out and saw a number of interesting books on sale. I’m not sure how easy it is for me to get them though. Because through experience, when it comes overseas delivery and the Italian postal system … it’s kind of iffy.

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