Crazy March

There is a saying in Italian – Marzo e’ pazzo. Which literally means, “March is crazy” on account on the weather doesn’t seem to make up her mind.

She could be sunny one moment, and then rainy all of a sudden. You’d feel a comfortable temperature one moment … and then a chilly gust of wind pops out of nowhere. She can be such a troll.

It’s been raining a lot in Rome since the beginning of March.

Which can be annoying when you want to go out especially when you’d have to hit the roads.

You can’t use the scooter as it’s much more dangerous for a two wheeler to be under wet conditions but when you take the car, you’d be slowed down in traffic significantly and after that, you’d still need to search for parking …which is such a nightmare that it’s much better to just stay at home.

(If you’re wondering why I didn’t add public transportation, honestly, who likes waiting 30 minutes in the rain and then be poked by other people with wet umbrellas, that is if the mezzi don’t have their monthly strike)

Nevertheless, now that we are about to reach Spring, flowers have started to bloom on trees and little daisies have sprung out of the ground and they are so pretty to see.

Seems kind of philosophical somehow. Despite all the rubbish that we go through, there is always something to look forward to.