This … this is not right!

During the weekend, along with our friend Fabrizio, Cart and I walked around Monteverde Vecchio. While it’s not really a touristy area, like Quartiere Coppede, this is an interesting place to look around because of their posh looking villas.

For example in the far distance, I was fascinated with this rather Gothic looking church.

Not sure if you could see the Latin on the grey stone below, but it says Nil Mortalibus Ardui Est – which means Nothing is impossible for humankind.

And we also stumbled on this unusual little street. You walk past multiple buildings and then suddenly, this little vicolo. It it something that I’ve never come across with, in a Roman residential area.

And then … I spotted THIS!

Cart and I have always talked about the viability of having a Hizza Put joint in Italy competing with the level of quality of pizza here. Heck, even McDougals is shutting down one by one in Rome. So seeing this advertisement, made me dumbfounded.

Ok, true. It’s not the real thing, but still … this is not right …

2 Replies to “This … this is not right!”

  1. I’m surprised that they even manage to open an outlet in the first place? I doubt that it’ll last long but seriously, serving !fake pasta and pizza in the homeland of !real pasta and pizza. What were the franchise owners thinking?

    1. I don’t think it’s the real franchising. But they did use the logo and font of the real organization … so if they wind up of this … I foresee a litigation in 5. 4. 3. 2 …

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