Did you know that there are food containing nickel?

Six hundred million people around the world, including me, are allergic to nickel. I have to avoid non pure metals, such as belt buckles, jewellery and watches or else my skin would get ridiculously itchy and I’d scratch non stop and when I finally realise it, it’s too late and I’ve ruined my skin.


My apologies for such a disturbing picture. But oh gosh, yuck! I never realised how severe something was until I take a picture, get myself healed, compare it with before and see it for myself!

My skin is healing a lot better now by the way and I was at the allergologo (doctor specialising in allergies) a while back and apart from telling me what I already know, he also mentioned that there are food that I might have to avoid as they contain nickel.

I was stunned to hear them as he went along the top 5 :

  • Chocolate
  • Liquorice
  • Peanuts
  • Hazelnuts
  • Spinach / Tomato / Pears


What? Most of them food that I like. Yikes! A life in Italy without pomodoro is a difficult life. I like my pizza rosso. I like my pasta with red sauce. Heck, I even like Riso Pomodoro. VOTEEZDEEZ? Luckily for me though, the doctor mentioned that I don’t have to avoid them completely. Just reduce the intake on the ‘flare up’ days.