Tell me if you’re not freaked out in this situation

While Rome is a challenging place to drive – what with the lack of parking areas inversely proportional to the amount of impatient drivers. There is a specific area in Rome that tends to freak me out more than other when I drive in it.

Visualise driving in a residential area where practically everyone fights to get parking space. So they tend to drive extra fast when they spot one without caring for anyone else.

Now visualise you are driving (from left to right) and crossing this zebra. And there are cars (plural) parked on the zebra crossing, blocking your view. So you can’t see if there is any incoming traffic. So you inch closer and closer to see if there’s anything …

And then VOOM! A car rushes in at high speed, narrowly injuring you. Wouldn’t you freak out too?

Anyway, just for fun I’m embedding this video of 3 car racers in Italy because this is the right way how it should be done 😛

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