How to pick up chicks

This was in the mailbox a week ago.

It’s a booklet for Mondo Convenienza which is a furniture shop, kind of like the Italian version of Ikea. Looks pretty innocuous doesn’t it? But lets take a look at it a little closer.

Oh gosh, look at the dude … the eyes and the grin combo, top if off that the girl is on the bed, he looks so creepy perverted! I can imagine the internal thoughts between them :

Man : I’m gonna get lucky tonight! If I stare at her long enough, I’m sure she’ll be charmed by my masculinity. Aha!

Woman : Why is he staring at me like that? It’s creepy! (Uncomfortable smile) Just a bit more to go till the photo-shoot is over and I’m out of here!

So there you go men, if you want to pick up chicks … Just stare at them long enough and see what happens.

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