10 things I love about you

Ehm. A little bit corny, but still …


Everyday I feel blessed and I think that we are so lucky to have met each other. I’ve never met any other man who is as patient, and kind and as comforting as you are. I feel safe with you and you’ve made me open up and made me view the world in a more receptive way.

It’s funny how I get impatient with the people I care the most. And there are days when I get annoyed or sometimes angry with you. And sometimes there are things that I wish I could change about you. Nevertheless you never fight my fire or get cross with me. I don’t even remember a time in our years together when you shouted at me. Instead, you let me mellow out in my own way.

And I can tell you anything. Anything! Even the most ridiculous things like cosmetics and celebrity gossip without feeling like you’re judging me. And instead you engage me patiently, asking me questions to show me that you heard and understood me.

We are such different people, you and I. But in some of the things that we are weak at, we support each other in our strengths. I think we fit each other so well and it’s been a great relationship so far.

Ti amo!

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      1. Hahaha! I have to correct you on that though Emanuele, a lot of Italian men are like that … not all, sadly. Unless someone else wants to prove me otherwise :p

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