Meet the makeup artist for the walking dead

Alessandra asked me to join her for the Idea Makeup 2012 event in Eur yesterday, and I had a pleasant time. It was a sort of showcase with students from different makeup schools in Rome.

Being here, reminds me quite a bit of when Hema and I were attending Jule’s final practical from Cosmoprof makeup school. There were quite a bit of similar elements here and there – such as the fantasy makeup …

The classic and formal makeup …

As well as the special effects …

It was quite interesting to hear about of how the rotten flesh were created – it was basically a mix of?silicone?and rubber with loads of red paint.

The cat below was interesting as it was an animatronic cat. Would have been interesting to see it work in real life.

But I think that the highlight of the show was when Oscar winning makeup artist, Vittorio Sodano was up on the stage. One of his most noted work was in Apocalypto and he’s currently working on the walking dead.

I enjoyed listening to him as he was retelling his experiences and how excited he was working on something that he’s passionate about, telling us to never give up on our dreams (clique as it sounds) It was quite inspirational.

And here is the demo for his work :

The picture really doesn’t do it justice, you really had to see it in real life. It was really scary as there were blood flowing out from the mouth and the face really looked nasty. If I didn’t know that this was a make-up show, I’d run far far away!

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    1. It’s even scarier when you see it in person Sally! Imagine you are in a darkened room, looking at some slideshows and then the light slowly gets brighter and then suddenly you see this zombie! With blood flowing constantly for a full 5 minutes (how did he do that anyway?) The picture really didn’t do it justice. It’s a lot more scarier in real life.

      Good thing he didn’t limp or growled or acted like a real zombie, cos that would be even more unnerving!

      1. I guess so Marina! I’ve stopped watching horror movies after watching the japanese version of the Ring. I had nightmares and too scared to go to the office toilet alone for 1 whole month ;(

        1. Awww poor Sally! I feel you! I couldn’t sleep well at night for 3 days after watching the Ring! And since it was towards the end of the screening, I was practically alone in the movie theater!

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