Is this the end of!

Dun dun dun!

Hi bloggariffic friends!

As you remember, I’m having issues with my main computer. It was already having issues for some time now, being super slow when I’m editing videos (which is why I hardly do video editing nowadays) and then this week, it took forever just trying to edit pictures!

The final straw was when it couldn’t boot up at all on right after my Monday’s post. Compy is probably punishing me for putting up a picture of my mom’s knickers :p

But anyway I’m pretty sure it’s more of a software issue because this problem escalated when I installed certain programs. So for the longest time, I’ve had the intention of wiping the slate clean and reformatting it. However, the internal dvd drive is probably malfunctioning as I cannot use it for some months now.

Getting a propriety one will probably take a while, so for a quick fix, I got for myself this handsome Asus external dvd drive yesterday! Looks so shiny! I’m just thankful that I could boot compy using an external drive. Else compy will just be a white elephant in the room.

I mean, sure I could install ubuntu in it via a thumbdrive (I love ubuntu by the way. In fact I gave it a try on the main compy to see how it goes and I ADORE how fast it is) but at this point of time it’s not really working out for me as I don’t know of any linux based image editing software which is similar to lightroom (the software I use for editing pictures) With it, I could edit like 100 pictures at once, which makes it a lot faster and time saving for blogging thus I really don’t want to go back to editing pictures one by one again …

And so, at this point of time, I’m typing this post on my netbook while my main computer is being re-formatted and re-installed with Windows 7. No fuss. No drama. Sometimes I amaze myself at how calm I am at erasing away 4 years of memories (well, I backup-ed my important files in my portable hdd anyway). I guess after years of working in IT, I’ve learnt to let go :p

Anyway, it will take a while to get it ready for blogging though, what with all the installation and updates and whatnots, so regular blogging (aka posts with loads of pretty pictures) will resume hopefully on Monday onwards 🙂

It’s not the end of! But if it is … will you miss me?! :p

Sidenote : Probably silly, but my devices has pet names. The main computer is compy, my netbook is lappy and my camera, camie. I might name my new phone as mobie and if I have a tablet, I might call it tabby.

Second sidenote : Sometimes I feel like reformatting my blog too. It’s having a lot of issues now …

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  1. Nooooo!! You should have used something like SpinRite!! That could have give you back data… Argh too late..

    Also, if the hard-disk is having problems as you mentioned, I wouldn’t recommend you use it anymore. If you can replace it do that.When hard-disks start to give problems, it’s an indication they’re gonna die..

    Anyway for photo workflow on linux.. darktable or Aftershot Pro..

    1. I didn’t have any issues about data. I had them all backed up, so I didn’t feel sad about it. No worries 🙂

      And I don’t think it’s anything about the HDD (at least, I hope so!) because the problem only started because of the anti virus software that I installed, things started to run really really slow!

      I wish I knew about darktable! I did a quick scan online and it looks JUST LIKE lightroom! AAA!!!

      1. Can’t blog on netbook? Easiest thing I suppose would be to order a new hard drive. You can get a huge hard drive for a relatively small amount of money. Also, you can download and install the Consumer Preview of Windows 8 and just upgrade it later when Win8 officially comes out.

        I’ve been thinking about blogging a lot lately, myself. I have this wild urge to delete it all and start fresh. I feel like most of what’s in my blog no longer represents who I am.

        1. Blogging on a netbook? Yes, I could do that. In fact, I’m writing the last few posts on this trusty netbook itself. It’s just that it takes a longer time here as the screen is dinky, plus editing pictures here takes a long long time (using GIMP, although I might have to take a look at the software that Chinmay recommended below in the comments)

          I like picture and often I edit more than 20 at one time, so sometimes I feel that the netbook isn’t really up to it when it comes to my regular blogging needs.

          About the new HDD though, I’m currently using a propriety computer – A HP Touchsmart. I can’t really buy the parts over the counter. It’s a lot easier (though more exxy) to get a new computer altogether. Oh! By the way, Win8 looks really odd! I don’t know if I can figure out the OS .. hahaha!

          And don’t delete your blog! Back it up at least or put it up on a separate host and lock it up if you like, for the days when you want to reflect back on the past 🙂

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