La Notte dei Musei, Free entry to Italian museums

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This was supposed to be part of the “My family in Rome” series, but as there is a La Notte dei Musei event going on this Saturday, I just couldn’t wait to share with you.

This Saturday, on the 6th October, all museums are free to visit from 8pm onwards. While you could go to the more famous museums in the city center, trust me, it will be super crowded, and will be quite a bother.

So if you are in Rome this weekend, there is one particular Museum in Rome that I highly recommend for everyone visiting Rome to head to. Personally, I like it better than the Sistine Chapel, which I feel is increasingly a big tourist trap year by year.

Anyway, this museum that I recommend is called the Museo nazionale delle arti e tradizioni popolari.

Basically this museum is about life in Italy starting from the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century. And here you could see relics such as transportation, tools and outfits during those times.

Located in Eur, (which, on it’s own is something interesting to see) you could take the metro to Eur Palasport and it’s about a 10 minutes walk to get to the museum.

I’ve been to this Museum before and enjoyed myself a lot. I love looking at the displays and imagine myself living as how these people used to. And it’s easy to get lost in imagination because a lot of the lifestyle of ancient Italians is quite similar worldwide.

It left me such a lasting impression, which was why I brought my family here while they were visiting.

Anyway, on regular days, entrance is 4 euro per person, and for what you get to experience, I think it’s quite value added, and makes it extremely worth travelling out of the city center and go the more unfamiliar non touristy path.

The only thing is that the displays are only in Italian (as far as I noticed) so it might be a bit of a challenge for non Italian speakers, but you could always bring a dictionary, or ask me to come along … seriously, I’d be happy to go again! 🙂

One last thing. Though you could see everything in about an hour, I recommend that you try to plan your schedule to spend about 2 hours here to see everything at leisure.

Museo nazionale delle arti e tradizioni popolari roma

  • Piazza Guglielmo Marconi, 8/10, 00144 Roma
  • Open Tuesdays – Sundays 9am – 8pm (Closed Mondays)

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