Creepy or romantic?

I don’t normally like graffiti. But sometimes, there are some which I appreciate.

The ones that are artistic :

The ones that makes a point :

The ones that are creative :

The ones that beautify :

But not this one. This is a huge-ass writing on the floor next to our common citofono.

Translated, it says “Me and you forever. I love you my little one.

Personally, if I were that girl, I wouldn’t find it romantic. Instead, I’d find it stalkerish and creepy.

  1. It is super ugly
  2. It vandalises public property
  3. Not creative nor effort given at all
  4. Did I mention that it is ugly?

Whatever happened to romanticism like writing a poem or a love letter (girls love those and keep them forever!) or singing a song or bringing little gifts or flowers?

I’m sorry, but this little romeo wannabe is an idiota.