Suddenly we went back in time

Yesterday, we stopped having daylight savings time and we went back an hour. This always confuses my inner clock.
Hipster Marina in a scarf complete with the quintessential smartphone

So when I woke up yesterday, thinking that it was 7 am, alarmed at how it was rather bright outside, (I try to wake up before sunrise) momentarily confused when I saw that it was only 6 am on my phone.

And then when getting out of the house, everything feels strange. It’s like, my brain is telling me that it’s this o’clock. But my heart is saying this isn’t right. Going out for lunch, for example. I normally get hungry by noon, thus I kept thinking to myself, “Why are we eating so much later than usual?
Pizza with pomodoro secco is pure happiness

And while Autumn is absolutely beautiful with the leaves starting to turn yellow and red and brown, the bad thing about it is how the days start to get so short. I detest how DUSK starts to be around 5 pm now! I don’t know if I will ever get used to this.

I’m not sure even why we have DST. It seems so much more of an inconvenience twice a year.

Sidenote : I find it interesting now that I have my Nexus, I hardly carry my pnp camera with me anymore.

2 Replies to “Suddenly we went back in time”

  1. At least dusk over there starts around 5pm. I’ll be back in Stockholm on 2nd Dec and I’m so not looking forward to winter. Daylight will only be around 6 hours. SIX! Habis Kin.

    1. Woah, I just checked online … Sunrise at 8.20 and Sunset at 2.50! WHAT IS THIS?! POOR YOU!!! 🙁 *pat pat pat*

      Tak pe, boleh bayar balik puasa buat bulan ni … hehehehe 🙂

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