Important announcement

Hi everyone,

I got this in my email some weeks back and I realised that it was time to renew my hosting plans.

Come November 25th, I’d have to pay slightly more than 200 USD (192 USD for hosting plus 14 USD for domain renewal)

The thing that was going through my mind was, “Woah! So expensive? I don’t remember having to fork out this much the past times.

I’m a longtime user with bluehost since 2006. And while I think that their service has been 90% excellent so far (apart from the several downtimes) I’m sad to say that I think that I’d have to let go of the hosting … It’s just costing too much.

Even with adsense running at the side, it’s not enough to cover the hosting fees


It doesn’t make sense to be paying this much for a personal blog, hence I have no intention of renewing. And thus, as well as my email will stop functioning here on the 25th November.

And though I think it’s very kind and generous, there is no need to contribute or donate any money.

Thanks for accompanying me in my journeys and listening to this woman ramble. It’s been lots of fun πŸ™‚

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  1. Come and join us at! If you email sales(at) first we will even give you a discount voucher to use. Alternatively, we could even arrange a deal that exchanges a banner ad space in exchange for web hosting.

    Let us know if we can help!

    1. also, u shd switch ur domain to namecheap or smtg. it’s much cheaper than USD 14. around USD 8 i think. and when u switch u get more discounts too.

  2. Hey Rinaz,
    I don’t blog much these days and certainly haven’t been keeping up with everyone’s blogs but it would still be really sad to have you go away… πŸ™

    I can share with you space on my hosting account. No charge. Just use whatever you need. The performance won’t be stellar but it’ll definitely be free so long as I continue to have a website.

    Email or facebook message me?

  3. I hope you will change your mind and continue with the blog. Really really do.

    I love reading about a Singaporean rambling about her life in Rome.

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