This Durian Tea is NOT made of durians

On the day my family arrived in Rome, as per my request, they gave me loads of things. One of them is Durian brand tea.

Durian brand tea is a strong, fragrant loose black tea which I love and have fond memories of, especially during family gatherings. It used to have a golden-orange cover, but since changed to a red one.

Oooh! Check out the lovely steam coming out of the teacup! I like it better as it’s stronger than the strongest English breakfast tea that you could get anywhere in the world.

Amazingly, it’s also made in Singapore. All the while I thought that it was a Malaysian brand.

But the important part is, it does NOT have any Durian flavour whatsoever. I know that not everyone likes durian, but I’m impressed at how such a humble looking pack could bring out such a strong reaction when I shared it online.

This was on instagram :

This was on twitter :

And this was on facebook :

Loads of Westerners seem to hate durian. Even Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre foods, the same man who eats bugs and worms and other creepy crawlies willingly, detest having to eat a durian. While in Singapore and giving Cart a try on a Durian cream puff, he insisted that it tasted like onions!

While I myself like eating durians. I have to defend my beloved tea that it does NOT contain durian. It does not taste of durian. No durian inside whatsoever. It’s just the name of the brand. Don’t be scared of it!

The end. Thank you.

I’ll also attach a video on how to drink tea

Sidenote : Durian tea + dried mint leaves = heaven! Try it!

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  1. Hehe. I finally made an entry into your blog! 🙂

    But I still do wonder: why would they call their tea brand Durian, if it’s not at all included/related to it? They do have an image of the fruit on the box.
    (Sure, the same goes for Apple… but so far, their devices are not edible.)

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