Quick updates

Not particularly sure what to post for today’s blogpost today since it’s my birthday. I should be slacking around because it is my birth right to do so, but it’s the fasting month and I don’t have much things to do anyway


Quick thoughts about being in my thirties. I feel much more confident about myself, more mature, more beautiful and open minded compared to when I was in my twenties. The only bad thing is that I now actually feel physically older. What a horrible price to pay.

Nevertheless, I intended to do a proper bday post on Friday when all the well wishes are over. In the meanwhile, I’m gonna put up a few nice recent pics of me, cos I’m narcissistic and it’s my personal blog anyway.

Me with my hair just done at the salon yesterday. I absolutely love my hair! Wish it could be this silky and bouncy 24/7!


Me with smokey eyes with the tutorial I tried from this video.


Me with winged liner I learnt from this awesome tutorial! I just need to learn how to poof my hair and my Amy Winehouse tribute will be complete.


Oh, speaking of mekap tutorials, I’ve recently been passed a whole cornucopia of mekap. Thanks Jess! Felt a little overwhelmed just thinking of attempting to bring them all to the pan within the expiration limit.


But on the other hand, this makes for a great weekly blog topic. Trying out each item for a week and giving my honest review of it. What do you think? I’m not really a beauty blogger, but I love playing with mekap

Anyway! The only present I really want is this one. I want to be in a music video like this!

Even it might not be possible this year, I hope that it’ll come true for the next one! Hehehe! Pass the word around for anyone who’d be willing to help with my dream!

And so, I end this post here. Byee~~

Sidenote : Please join the bloggariffic family if you haven’t done so. But if you already have, you are SUPERAWESOMERIFFIC!!!

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