My phone is halfway obsolete …

And so, it has started …

I love my phone. I really do – it has an awesome battery life and can last for over a day with normal use, without recharging. And with the physical qwerty keyboard means that I can reply to messages really fast.

Nokia E72

Unfortunately the Nokia E72 phone that I love so much is starting to get halfway obsolete …

As Nokia uses a symbian platform, it doesn’t support newer social media apps like instagram and those newfangled image editing program. Sometimes I feel so left out when I see my twitter filled with instagram feeds, but I can’t even sign up for an account with them!

Nokia E72

And then, I can hardly open programs nowadays without having the dreaded Memory issues. Facebook app, Foursquare app, even opening just a webpage gives me issues. It’s especially frustrating when you are on the road, and am lost and want to use the Nokia maps but can’t because there isn’t enough memory!

Nokia E72

But that’s the only app that was open …

There are days when I just want to throw the phone to the wall because sometimes it’s just easier to go without a phone rather than live in frustration. Already I’m getting jealous of Cart when he can log in apps faster than I do.

Nokia E72

But urgh! I don’t want to buy a new phone! I still want to use this one! Why do phones get obsolete so quickly? At least I could still use my whatsapp

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  1. So they can sell you a new model lah! I’m still using my old antique Nokia phone since 7 years ago. since I know they will come up with something new every few months…. one suggestion for the road maps, use a separate navigator to save you from the frustration of memory full 🙂

    1. Seven years old phone! Woah!!! I don’t know anyone else who continuously use their phone for that long!

      Might consider a navigator, in the meanwhile I have an organic navigator called Cartcart … problem is, he talks too much :P:P:P

      1. better to have a live navigator at least! our navigator once brought us on a route where it was closed for works and another time it was a dead end ;(

        1. Oh gosh, what an adventure! I bet you were feeling angry because of the wasted time that you had to go through!

          How much does a navigator cost? Not too much I hope …

  2. Hehe I also changed my E72 to a HTC One X phone! You’re right, I loved it to bits, but it just can’t keep up anymore.. I love love love the qwerty keyboard, but alas, what to do, I had to sacrifice it to get nicer features and better speed/performance. I still miss the qwerty keyboard and still can’t get used to typing fast using the one x!

    1. Bah … hambug I say … bah to technology … having to ruin the ones that we have

      Like you, I really do prefer ones that has a qwerty keyboard, it’s so much faster to type messages in that compared to touchscreen. Even for my computer, I prefer using the keyboard compared to using the touchscreen function. It’s just much faster! Why much tech be obsoleteeeeee

      1. I agree wholeheartedly… Plus I could type without even looking at the screen on E72! Even if I turned on the vibrate-while-you-type feature on one x, i just can’t type without looking. Hell, I still type wrongly even after looking at the screen…. -_- It gets me really really frustrated when I type wrongly a lot of times… I also use the swipe keyboard but that is also often wrong. Sigh….

        1. Same … I just got a new phone! And while it vibrates as I text, I still have spelling errors which I detest … also I can’t type with two fingers comfortably. I have to use one to make sure that I don’t do typo … It’s like a step back I tell you :S

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