How to keep cool in hot days without aircon

The weather in Rome has been horribly extra balmy lately. Just yesterday, it reached to about 40 degrees but coupled with the fact that it was also extremely humid, it felt like an extremely hot sauna. In fact, the laundry was feel damp at the end of the day instead of the usual crispiness.

MIL said that it was the hottest that she’s ever experienced in all her life. And I think I was close to dehydration myself. In the afternoon, I felt extremely weak, just getting up to walk to the bathroom to pee felt like a tremendous amount of energy. Never in my life, have I ever experienced anything like that before. That was quite worrying.

And yet, I’ve been trying to avoid using the air conditioning, because electric bills are so high, and the auntie side of me refuses to pay too much.

So I switch the AC on, only during dire situations and I’ve been trying to keep cool with a couple of tips as below :

1. Wear loose light coloured cotton outfits

I love this top I got from a bancarella for only 4 euro! And it is so comfortable  that I didn’t perspire much compared to wearing a regular t-shirt. Outfits like these are  cooling because of the type of fabric that allows air to pass through easily.

2. Head to the swimming pool

A great way of keeping in shape and cool. Unfortunately for the people in Rome, the entrance fee is rather expensive, ranging from 10 – 15 euro per head. But if you search around, there are offers that can be found.

Like collecting Latte Centrale coupons for a +1 free entry to hydromania.

3. Close the blinds

Putting down the blinds will shield the hot direct rays from entering the house and making the room cooler. The only downside is, the house is really dark. But I’m amazed why we don’t have these in Singapore.

4. Open the windows at night

And when the temperatures cools down at night, take the chance to open the windows to let the fresh air enter and we can sleep comfortably without aircon! Just remember to close it back it again in the mid morning when it starts to get warm again. In some places, it could even start at about 8am or so.

5. Slather skin with prickly powder or calamine lotion

I’m so glad that I remembered to bring these with me while in Singapore! This is so old school and I’m not sure if the prickly powder could be found anywhere outside of Asia, but it works really well as they are really cooling.

The texture could render you looking like you’ve been flour-bombed, and having flour-y looking skin isn’t the most glamorous thing to see, but who cares. It’s better to feel comfortable than die in the heat.

6. Splash cold water on your wrists, behind your necks and your ears.

Important vital points to trick your body into thinking that the weather is cooler and not let it go into a panic “oh-my-god-i-m-so-hot-i-m-gonna-die” mode.

7. Take a shower before going to bed

So much more comfortable going to bed fresh and clean as opposed to going to bed hot and sweaty and bothered. I know that my mum would be worried about having arthritis if one showers too late, but I’m not sure if that’s really scientifically proven

8. The electric fan is your best friend

And cheaper than air conditioning! I also carry a portable one when I step out of the house! A low class type of air conditioning you could do is to put a bowl in front of the fan, filled with ice.

9. Drink a lot of water and eat light food.

Hot, rich food will cause your body to exude more heat. Better to eat cooling foods like pasta salad, gazpacho and fresh seasonal fruits instead.

10. If all fails … (which is difficult)

There is always the mall or the frozen food supermarket section were you could go to for free aircon. It’s free!

If you have any other tips, do share in the comment box below 🙂


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  1. I used to have blinds 🙂 It IS available in SG; it’s just not that popular (or cheap). The ice + fan idea is pretty cool. 😀 Hmmm I watched the NDP on the telly and there was a performer who looked a lot like you!

    1. Wow, really? Gosh! I’d love to see my doppelgänger! That would be so interesting to see! Hehehe

      Did you have the metal type blinds Nashe? I bet your house was nice and cool when you put them down B-)

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