Trends in Italy : Cruciani Bracelets

One of the trends that I’ve noticed going on in Italy are cruciani bracelets. Practically everywhere I go, I see loads of (mostly girls) ranging from teenager to young adults wearing them.

Cruciani bracelets are a type of lace bracelets that comes in different designs – most popular being the hearts, the butterflies and the four leaf clover and in a vast array of colours.

They are supposed to be unisex and worn for good luck and friendship. And they are quite versatile. As it looks rather simple, it can go with many types of outfits from the casual t-shirt or dresses. And you could wear them alone or in multiples and layer it with your favourite bracelets or bangles.

These bracelets was created in Umbria and was made popular by celebrities like Dita Von Teese and Michelle Rodriguez who were seen wearing them.

Personally, I think they are cute and reminds me a little bit of my carefree teenage days when I had a habit of layering loads of colourful rubber bands on my arm.

But I think it’s overpriced at 10 euro each. I’m not sure if it’s a worth it as the bracelets do not have a real clasp, which can be a hassle trying to put it on.

Thank goodness there are imitations available for about a euro each. I’m pretty sure that’s what the young ones are wearing, especially since there aren’t any Cruciani stores in Rome at this point of time.

Nevertheless, what do you think of this trend? Yay or nay?

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  1. I think the fad will fade away soon. I’ve noticed this trend in Italy of wearing bracelets of various materials.. from simple ones like lace to those with trinkets and doesn’t come cheap. I would get the copies or get myself a strand of lace and make a nice one for myself 🙂

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