Loving my new watch

I was in a Swatch shop some time back and noticed the “Lady Collection“.


I really fancied it! I liked that it was made of plastic, since my skin is allergic to impure metals. And it looked really stylish how you could double wrap it like a bracelet. Arm party! I could layer it with some of my bracelets.

I remember that it was close to 50 euro, so I gave myself a sort of buffer time to decide if I really wanted it or if it was just on a whim. I wouldn’t want to get something on impulse and then not use in the end.

But then I was walking at a bancarella in Eur Fermi and I found one! So pretty! There were heaps of other colours, but I was so stoked that I found one in green. (my favourite colour)



Ok, so, it’s not the genuine stuff and Cart snarkily commented that it might not last long. But for now, who cares. For the price of one Swatch watch, I could buy another 8 of these back to back when it breaks 


By the way, I’m completely happy to wear knockoffs. It’s even better for us consumers! But I don’t support it when a manufacturer pretends to be something they are not. Like imitation Chanel bags or Tiffany Bracelets which claims to be genuine but is not.

But if Swatch wants to send me one for me to do a side by side comparison, *ahem* I’d be glad to

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