Superga – People’s shoe of Italy

Hullo everyone! Cart and I have been going all around Rome all for the sake of finding a pair of shoes for my brat sister. And since it’s now the last few days of the summer sale, we thought that we’d take advantage of the situation before prices goes back to full price.

But as it’s the fasting month and coincidentally a heatwave going on, it was really challenging, and I had to control myself not to bite anyone.

Anyway, the shoe in question is a Superga. And this is how you pronounce it :


Superga was born in 1911 in a town in Torino. It started off as being a cheap pair of shoes that were meant for average, ordinary people. Which is the reason for it’s tagline – People’s shoe of Italy. But then it became popular, and evolved to become a famous brand internationally.

In all honesty, I don’t get the hype (by my sister) I mean, they look like ordinary pair of canvas shoes. So what’s so special about them? She actually first noticed Cart wearing them on his trips to Singapore.

And he’s been wearing them for years and he swears by it, insisting that it’s a high quality pair of shoes that would last for a long time.

And so, on our quest to find my sister’s shoes, we headed to the nearest Superga shop which was about 10 minutes drive from where we live where Cart took the chance to buy for himself and me a pair of superga.

It’s like an eyecandy there! The classic model comes in a wide variety of colours, it was hard to choose one!

Cart tells me that the design has been unchanged since 1911. So wearing it, is like wearing a part of history. Only the quality wise has vastly improved after the WW2. And trying them on, they are very comfortable, just slightly heavier than regular canvas shoes as the rubber soles are made of pirelli rubber (the same brand that is used to make tyres) The canvas feels much tougher too. So I suppose these are very durable. But I am very rough with shoes, so lets see!

In the end, we chose for ourselves the colours Navy (for Cart) and Sherwood Green (for me). Not my favourite shade, but it was the few that was available in my size and it was on offer for 69 euro for two pairs

The problem is, the colour that Diana wants is Ottanio which is a sort of turquoise shade. For her size, the shop ran out of it. We then headed to another shop. Same response. And another … and another … Nothing! This colour seems to be very popular!

By the 5th shop, I was so tired that I was ready to throw in the towel and just buy a pair of shoe and get it over with. “Any colour will do!” I wailed, arms flailing. But no! My dear pignolo perfectionist Cartcart insisted. “We must persevere!

Despite us being half dead, Cartcart always take requests as a personal challenge. It’s a commendable quality I suppose. But it can be very frustrating at times. Ah well! Married life!

Finally we decided to go to the city center and we finally found it!
I also took the chance to get this super cute purple ballerina shoes which was on sale for 27.50 euro

Ok, so it’s not the same colour as what she requested for, but it’s close! The price is more expensive because it’s in a touristy place  … but ah well. I’d pay a bit more just to get it over and done with!

And there you go, my dear sister!
Colour in Blue Caribbean. Much more expensive than mine! Grrr!

Happy birthday, baby! I hope you’re happy with it! And I hope you are satisfied and grateful for the lengths that we had to do to get it for you! So tiring! No more presents for you for a while

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Sidenote : Speaking of presents. It’s going to be my birthday soon on the First of August! Won’t you wish me on my facebook page? It’ll make my day 🙂

4 Replies to “Superga – People’s shoe of Italy”

  1. haha i’m sure diana appreciates all the effort u went thru to get it! i actually prefer this blue carribean color than the original one she chose? hahaha. this blue is super cute and very attractive. bright is good if you want people to notice ur shoes. for me, my fav shoe color is red! 😀 guess why? 😛

    p.s. love the floral ballerina shoes too!

    1. Cos you’re Hello Kitty and you have a red bow in your hair so it’ll match if you had red shoes???

      You know, if I’m feeling really mean, I could go back to the store and get it exchanged in my own shoe size and tell Diana that all her sizes are gone. So I can keep the shoes for myself … hehehehehe

    1. They are quite lovely and comfortable too. Too bad that during the sale season, the colours are limited cos everyone’s snatched the popular colours first!

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