(Somewhat) Quick updates

Last week was Cart’s birthday. Because of the heatwave going on in Rome, we preferred to stay indoors. It was a very simple affair. Cart made cold pasta and I made him cupcakes.



We had dinner over Office Space which we both thought was hilarious. It was a wonderful suggestion by Brad.

The day before, I was dragging Claire with me to hunt around for presents. I had in mind an e-reader since he loves  to read. Have you seen our house before? It’s overflowing with his books and comics (which sometimes I am very tempted to sell away to save space)


In the end, he got a Kindle. He was so excited when he did the unboxing and proceeded to play with it, and completely ignored me for two hours.

But *ahem* I did have an ulterior motive as I chose that as a gift so that I could use it myself. I like that there is a dictionary option inside. It makes trying to read Italian so much easier when you could press on the word that you don’t know and it’ll give you the definition (albeit in Italian itself)


I spent close to two days sprawled on the sofa using the kindle to read Last Chance Saloon which Hart had generously given to me. Marian Keyes is one of my favourite authors. But her books unintentionally tend to make me lose faith in men.


Anyway! Last Friday was a holiday in Rome as it was a patron saint’s day. Apart from getting a frappé, we didn’t go out much. We didn’t go out much during the weekend as the heatwave rised up all the way to 39 degrees in Rome, and in some areas up to 42 degrees even.


It was really hard to breathe. And all through the week, the sky looked very strange to me – completely grey but it didn’t looked like clouds at all. It was as if the blue was replaced with dirty grey. I had to close the shutters down so that the heat doesn’t penetrate through.


My poor Dahlia plants are dying though, the purple ones are all dried up and my pink ones are starting to go too! It’s so sad! I don’t know how to save them.

That’s the last that I’ll see pretty flowers like this I guess :


Last Sunday, we watched the UEFA finals between Spain and Italy. And while I’m pretty much apathetic towards soccer, I feel bad for Italy. It would have been less painful if they had one score at the very least. Maybe we shouldn’t have eaten gazpacho on the day. Perhaps the score would have been different 😛


Yesterday Cart had the day off and I took him to try the new buffet restaurant in Eur Palasport. Which is probably my new favourite buffet restaurant. The place looks nice, the food seems fresher and you can eat all you want for 8 euro. I think it’s a great deal. I think we ate a little too much though and were stuffed geese by the end of our lunch.


Later on we went to a gommista to have a look at Ash‘s tyres. They are fine for now, but I should change them before winter comes. By the way, I find it odd that in Italy there isn’t much all-in-one mechanics. You need to go to a specific mechanic for engines, a specific mechanic for tyres, a specific mechanic for the exterior, a specific mechanic for the interior…


Engine checked, tyres checked. Next I’d like to replace the hifi and recharge the air conditioning when I have more money.

Oh, and for my July personal challenge, I’m gonna try to finish reading “Tuesdays with Morrie”. I’ve already read it in the original language (which I found inspirational) so it’ll be interesting to give it a try in Italian.


And that’s about it for my (somewhat) quick updates. Lazy type of blogging is better than not blogging at all 😛

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  1. Hi! Glad you enjoyed the movie recommendation! My favorite part is when they take the copy/fax out to the field. =D

    Tell Cart I said Happy Birthday! I don’t think I realized his birthday was last week and probably forgot to leave a message on Facebook. Tell him I share his love of books. At one time, a sad time which I regret, I decided to start fresh and gave over 500 books to a charity organization. I guess it wasn’t all bad, but I wish I still had them. I have about 70 books again already, but most of them are heavy reading for classes. My wife and I have two Kindles. They’re a great investment!

    Also, I was curious about Cart’s constant checking in at “EUR” in Foursquare. I guess I know why now. That does sound like a good price.

    Be safe, drink lots of water, and stay cool! Our heatwave here in NYC isn’t as bad as yours, but it’s still hot and the air feels heavy.

    1. Hahaha! With the gangsta music in the background, it’s perfect!

      Cart had loads of people wishing him happy birthday. He was very happy to receive all the attention and tried to reply back to all 🙂

      500 is a lot of books! I can just imagine how much shelves they’d need. But you could try to get them back in e-format to save space … hehehe …

      About Eur, we live around the area. Rome’s a big area and broken up into different area and Eur is one of them. It’s a lovely place to go for a jog because of the lake. Reminds me a lot of Central Park even if I’ve never been to NYC before 😛

      1. Eur sounds nice. I was just up at the park a few days ago with my wife, by the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, and we were thinking about doing some long jogs there, but not until the weather cools back down of course. It’s so hot here now that we’ve just been doing short runs (2 – 3 miles) to maintain.

        I think I could probably get eBook copies of those books again, if I wanted to, but there’s so much to read that I’m not sure there are many books I’d reread that I don’t already have copies of. You know how it is. You find a few favorites that are worth rereading. The rest you keep, for just in case.

  2. I came across your blog looking for information about Lucy Minerals -but I started and kept reading- like you my life has been becoming a rather interesting mix of religion, race, language and culture. I want to go to Singapore since one of my best friends visited and raved about it 🙂

    Ramadan mubarrak- it is hot, days are long ’nuff said.

    1. Hi! Thanks for taking the time to drop a message and the Ramadan wishes 🙂

      I hope you found what you were looking for in regards to Lucy Minerals. I’m still using it and prefer it to EDM. I’ve been meaning to do a post on the blushes, but gosh. I’m such a procrastinator.

      Anyway, I would love to hear about your experiences about your mix of religion, race, language and culture. Sounds interesting! And you should do a stop to Singapore if you could. I’d recommend it most of all for the food. Hehehehe:-)

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