Adventures of making Chicken Noodle Soup!

I had some chicken in the fridge. Initially, I wanted to make some Ayam Penyet or Ayam Masak Merah. But in the end, I decided to make Chicken Noodle Soup instead after watching it on foodwishes.
The broth looks very jelly like after being in the fridge overnight

I have to admit that it was really troublesome to make. About 10 mins pre, 45 minutes roasting, 3 hours simmering … JUST for the broth. And then about another 20 minutes or so to make the chicken noodle soup proper. I was almost regretting it. I mean, if I were really sick, I’d collapse from waiting to eat this.

But after all that hassle and giving it a taste …

It was really really satisfyingly good. The best that I could describe it is that it tasted like the most flavourful chicken soup that you could make from a buillion but much more intense. And the fact that it’s made from scratch means that it has all the nutritional goodness without the chemical additives.

Very very nice … MmmMMmmMMmMmmm!!!

And I still have about 3 portions of  broth waiting for me in the fridge! Hehehe!

Watch how to make the broth :

And then how to make the Chicken Noodle Soup :

Sidenote : In the first part where Chef John throws away the solid parts from the broth … I know it seems kind of wasteful, but throw it away! The meat is completely bleargh after all the flavours has been absorbed in the water. Laws of osmosis I suppose.

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