Rinaz the car owner

And so … I own a car now.

Ehm. I should be thrilled, but I’m not jumping up and down at my first car. It’s quite crappy, really 


Up till some years ago, I never imagined that I’d be driving, much less be owning a car. I’m more of a two wheeler person and I was saving up for a new scooter. But I kept falling sick since I started commuting, that I’d rather spend some money than going  through all the “coughing my lungs out” again.

It’s not exactly my dream car, and while it’s not that expensive, being a second hand car, it did took practically all of my savings since I started working.


I feel so poor now!

To save money, I don’t think I want to be eating out for a while. To the point that I asked my friend Claire that we should only be shopping at bancarelle and packing our own lunch when we go out on our weekly meets


As it’s a second hand car, it’s not in perfect condition. There are quite a fair bit of work to be done for the inside and some parts to be changed and fixed. But the plan was to get a car with dings and scratches anyway, so that I wouldn’t feel too bad if I accidentally damage it as I gain driving experience.

But it runs well and I’m slowly getting used to driving it on the road. (with Cart as my wing man) And eventually, I could use it as a trade in for a brand new car after about a year and a half. Hopefully, I’d have earned a little bit more by then *crosses fingers*

My car is an old model Ford Ka by the way. Claire was suggesting names that we could call it. And to keep in the spirit of having the brand as the last name (like how it was for Sam Kymco) …

I’m thinking … Ash Ford. Cos it wasn’t very clean when we first got it. We could of course call it Harrison, but it’s too glamorous for my little crappy car. 

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  1. AWESOME! I don’t think 1st or 2nd hand it really matters that much; my sis has been driving her old beat up Kenari (hand-me-down from my mom) since like.. 2001? HAHA the car is still running and she’s happy enough with it, it gets her from point A to point B. lol. of course having a brand new car is nice, but if the point of having it is just to have something to bring you from place to place, dah lah, this will do. 😉 my sis in UK also bought a 2nd hand car cos it’s so much cheaper! Just clean it up, do some minor works and you’re set! 😀

    1. I suppose you are right. I’ve been consoling myself about the positive points like it runs well, and that the plan would be to drive a beat up car so that it wouldn’t have too much of a heart pain if it gets scratched as I gain more driving experience … and then after a year, I’d be a better and experienced driver 🙂

  2. I owned a Ford Ranger for a few years and enjoyed it. I’m fascinated by how different the Ka model looks from anything on the road here in the US. I always assumed that Fords would look…. American… anywhere they happened to be, but the Ka is distinctly un-American, perhaps European. Even the key design is different from American key designs. I think I like it better. Your key design I mean. And the car.

    Enjoy your new Ka! Every now and then I miss having one, though I don’t really need one here in NYC. I just miss the luxury of it.

    1. I think the Ford Ka is brought in especially for the European market, because as far as I know, it’s not available in the US itself. Which is probably why you see that the design is not typical of an American car.

      Anyway, I like it because of the small size, but it’s still able to handle 4 people comfortably. It’s quite economical to buy, and there are loads of Ford servicing places here in Rome.

      I know the feeling! I’m a new driver, but I’m really enjoying the experience! It’s kind of a necessity for me at this point though, as I’ve to travel for work, and during winter, it’s a pain to ride the scooter, not to mention not good for my health. More over with the frequent public transportation strikes …

      1. Missing the MRT? =)

        Ya, better for you to use a car than ride a scooter in winter. I can’t imagine how you were doing that with the ice on the roads.

        Sometimes I miss having a car, but I think I might be able to get by without one. Public transit strikes here are rare. I can’t even remember how many years ago the last one was.

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