Say no to frozen sushi

Remember when I spotted frozen sushi at the supermarket?

The supermarket that we normally go to happened to have an offer on this particular brand and while I had no intention of buying it, thanks to DK’s suggestion, I’m going to give it a try.

From the instructions on the box, although you could put it in the microwave oven, I thought that was a tad too blasphemous, so I chose to defrost it in the fridge in the evening before. Amazingly, it was still rather hard after I checked it next afternoon, so I let it go till the evening.

The types of sushi in the pack are as follows : 2 sweet egg maki, 2 prawn maki, 2 imitation crab maki, 2 california roll, 2 prawn nigiri, 1 abalone nigiri and 1 salmon nigiri.

And this is how it looked like when I took it out of the box :

It looks so … empty of life.

But I’m a pretty easy going person, so it’s not so much about how it looked like and but more about how it tastes. I can look past the faded, dull colours, so I was still willing to give it a try.

But eating it, the whole experience just tastes unnatural to me.

The rice especially, has this strange, dry, crumbly texture instead of the soft, fluffy rice that one is used to. It was kind of like eating edible styrofoam. You know how when you put a slice of apple in the freezer and when you take it out to defrost, the texture has completely changed. It was kind of like that for me when I tasted the rice.
Flat top sushi

The seafood itself, while not completely horrible, it tasted old and it wasn’t anything that I would want to eat again. It was really dry, and no amount of soy sauce can rehydrate it again.

To put a long story short, my advice to all who is thinking of buying frozen sushi … Don’t. Even if I am a sushi monster and haven’t eaten sushi for months and months, and don’t have any other means. I’d rather wait than eat this.

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  1. There r always pro’s n con’s to frozen food. I hv always been concerned abt its nutricional value. Last nite I came across an article that says frozen veg hv the same value as fresh veg bec of the quick process from harvesting, pressure cooking them n instant freezing. I just hope this is not the producer giving the consumer a pep talk !

    Recently I bought frozen durians (vacummed packed) n dim sums from the chinese toko n they r good. Even the frozen fishballs were springy when made into soup. Previously I used to thaw frozen fishsticks in the fridge to speed up deep-frying but they end up dry n tasteless. Then I heard from colleagues that frozen foods r best if u dont thaw them but put them in the fryer straight from the freezer. And …. it worked – the fishsticks r juicy n tasty. Perhaps u could give it a try, even if the pack says u could pre thaw them first, just omit this step n put the frozen snacks straight into the fryer, microwave or steamer.

    1. I might give it a try, to defrost it in the microwave, sounds odd but I’m up for experimental purposes … when I might give it a try, to defrost it in the microwave, sounds odd but I’m up for experimental purposes … when I feel ready to get more frozen sushi though … 😛

      How did the frozen durian taste like though? I’m curious … but I don’t know if I want to spend 5 euro just to try a segment …

  2. Aren’t there any Japanese restaurants or Japanese take-away places in Rome you can go to for your sushi fix????? If not, PLEASE COME TO TURIN and you can have all the sushi you want. There is even a fantastic Japanese restaurant here co-owned by a Singaporean chef!

    1. There are, but they are expensive to dine there, even during lunch time. I was hoping that the frozen sushi could be a cheaper alternative. But judging from what I tasted, I’d rather go to those Chinese/Japanese/Thai oriental mix restaurants here.

      Is there a Singaporean chef in Turin?

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