Lucy Minerals Neutral Brow Powder

There are days when I am not in the mood to put on a lot of mekap on my face. But no matter what, I tend to always put a bit of bb cream and fill up my eyebrows which are sadly, quite sparse.

I’ve been using various things like eye-liner pencils and eye-shadows, which does work. But because of it’s intensity, sometimes gives me a sort of Groucho Marx look if I’m not careful.

I’ve been using Lucy Minerals foundations for a while and I’m really happy about the quality. Not too long ago, they were having a free shipping promotion and I took advantage of that and decided to top up my foundation stock.

When it arrived, one of my gifts was the Neutral brow powder.

It comes in a 7 gram jar which would have cost me $7 USD (not including shipping) which in my opinion seems quite pricey on its own. Which is why I think it would be more economical to get things from Lucy Minerals as a kit.

It comes with its own plastic sifter and a clear sticker on top of it. I haven’t peeled it off so far because I’d rather pop the sifter out and dip my brow brush in the jar.

Like so.

Tap off the access because if there’s too much on the brush, it tends to lead to a fallout on your cheeks or under eyes which can get annoying. With the brush, softly press the colour on parts of the eyebrow that you want filled in.

Don’t let the colour fool you though. At first glance, I wondered how could this brown powder fit the colour of my eyebrow? It doesn’t seem to match!

But incredibly it does and manages to look natural too. With the same shade, I think that it will work for wonderfully for brunettes to black haired ravens like me!

Like the foundation, the brow powder is quite long lasting and stays put all day for regular wear. Just don’t go swimming with it and expect miracles, of course.

I quite love it. No more half eyebrows.

Sidenote : I think the colder weather is doing my skin a lot of good. No pimples! It’s killing my nails though, they get so fragile and break so easily!

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  1. The lucy powder you mention seems really good.. but I’m really terrible with loose powder.. :p Already making a mess with pressed powder/foundation. Bad habit of taking too much on brush/sponge..

    1. Loose powder seems a lot more natural looking though compared to compact one. Compact powders are admittedly very convenient to carry around. But if you can see how nice it looks like on your skin, I don’t think you’d ever want to go back 🙂

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