Bird attack!

If you were here during the colder months in Rome towards sunset, you’d see something resembling a cloud of dust in the sky.

These are a group of birds called Starlings and as a flock, they can be interesting to see … FROM FAR AWAY. In close range, they are a menace bombing innocent victims who were just happened to be in the area.

I was walking in Eur when I happened to see this poor scooter. I bet that the owner didn’t even leave it out for a day. Imagine coming back from work to be greeted with this!

And then the same thing happened to Cart’s car …

What a casualty! It looked so horrible! Our jaws just dropped to an O when we saw the state of the car and Cart was adamant that he left the car out for just the afternoon. Not even an entire day.

Bleargh. But even worse is when you get hit directly by bird shit. Oh gosh, the colour and the texture is so sticky and gross and if it gets on your outfit, wiping it with a wet tissue is not enough.

Lately, there’s a group of people resembling like white Easter bunnies (without the ears) going around with a loudspeaker to scare the birds away.

Not sure if it really works though.

Anyway, check out the video that I took of these birds in action :

The thing that went in my mind at that time was Alfred Hitchcock, “The birds“. We’re so under attack.

Sidenote : Since when was getting bombed by bird shit is a lucky thing to be?

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  1. Hi Rinaz,

    Scarryyyy…once gets harden will be very difficult to get rid off!!:):) Yeap i went to market like pasar malam but pasar siang,bought many,many,many tapestries at Firenze:) and i joined local tour which was in English to Firenze countryside..we kena jalan kaki like 10 miles..climbing the hills,had light meal in old palace,tengok tempat Leornado jump,etc..etc..bila turun bukit our feet was like jelly…heee..hee..and Venice was…” i feel romantic,i feel romantic..”:):) Quite a big different between Vienna and Venice/Italy,in Vienna it was like discipline,discipline..everybody quiet n the bus etc,etc but once we were on the train to Venice and Italians jumped onto was like very,very loud…and they will say “ciow’ to us bila nak turun train:):) Itu lah kenangan:);) take care rinaz.

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