How to wear a neck tube scarf

This is a tube scarf that I got for myself recently.

As we are approaching winter with the temperatures dropping, my ears are starting to feel frosty whenever a breeze approaches. I was regretting for not getting the cute strawberry earmuffs while I was in Cameron Highlands. But it so happened that Claire and I were walking around the bancarelle and I spotted some tube scarves in various colours being sold for 3 euro each. They looked pretty much nondescript, but I was intrigued and got one for myself, just to cover my ears at least.

Indeed, after wearing it for couple of hours, it did kept my ears and my neck quite warm. And with a simple pull, it can transform into different styles! Let me show you in this quick video below.

I never thought that I would like it so much.

5 Replies to “How to wear a neck tube scarf”

  1. Very creative Marina! You know what.. I actually saw the strawberry earmuffs being sold here in Venice centro storico!! I recall seeing them in your Cameron Highlands blog and I thought.. Marina would lurvve this! 😉

  2. I’m amazed that it could be made into a beanie hat! That was very creative 😉

    I’m going to Prague/Vienna this December, Rinaz.. Not sure whether I can take the winter. For someone who’s been in tropical countries all her life, what should I bring to get ready?

    1. Oooh … loads of warm clothes, and that includes winter jackets, layering underneath like thermal undies … gloves, scarves the works!

      And moisturizer too! You can’t imagine how dry the skin gets in cold temperatures!

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