Have you seen the latest Fiat 500 ad?

Did anybody see Jennifer Lopez in the latest Fiat 500 commercial?

It was also featured in her “Papi” music video which I’m not all that crazy about (sorry Jerrick!) It was much too much, trying to be all Love Potion No. 9.  I didn’t like the flatness of the song, I didn’t like the destructive elements – cars crashing, windows smashing. I didn’t like the overly product placements …

Nevertheless, coming back to the ad, the Fiat 500 is totally my favourite car! It’s love at first sight for me, pretty much like it was for the Vespa GT200. Come on, it’s totally sexeh! Just look at the shapely body.


And everyone driving one instantly becomes sexeh themselves too!

I have to say that I’m extremely jealous. I would really love one! But realistically speaking, as someone who’s just started to work (and just freelancing at that) it’s not something within my price range at the moment. It costs at least 11k euro, not including insurance and various taxes.

I wish I had a proper job here, at least something like what I was doing while I was back in Singapore. Sometimes I feel like my skills are becoming dormant and I have so much to contribute but I couldn’t. Because getting a job is quite tough here … Nevertheless, it’s still nice to dream.

But coming back to the ad, there was something which bothered me a little. I was staring at the gear stick and wondering, why it looked so odd …


It’s an automatic! I didn’t know that there are automatic 500? There are only three gear! Reverse, Neutral and Park. I was momentarily stunned. Not to sound all snotty and all, but after learning how to drive a manual car, with all the blood and sweat and tears … it all seems like lazy driving to me.

Ehm, but I shouldn’t speak too confidently. I’m taking my driving practical exam at the end of the month. Hopefully karma doesn’t bite me in the ass

Update : I just found out that JLO never stepped her foot in the Bronx during the entire commercial shoot. She was in LA the whole time while a body double was used for the scenes in the Bronx. That’s so wrong!

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  1. Manual driving is not that difficult lor… I don’t know what all the fuss is about. *To be fair I haven’t exercised my right foot in a while so maybe I’ll crash my next manual car :P*

    I <3 the Cinquecento still and nothing's gonna change that. Even J-Lo's bad video can't ruin it 😛

    1. Interestingly enough, he didn’t had a large speaking part in that. Would be interesting to have a car advertisment in Jurong …

      Imagine the narrative : “Jurong has always been my playground … The people … the life … bla bla bla bla bla ” :P:P

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