I like veggie burgers!

I’m not vegetarian but there are days when I don’t mind being one.

In Italy, there are actually a significant variety of items that a vegetarian could pick in a regular supermarket, even in restaurants. And I thought that I’d share this vegetarian meal that I really enjoyed.


Veggie burgers! I first tried a veggie burger at Burger King in Singapore a long time back, and then more recently in Komala’s. They were both really yummy.

Anyway, my eyes were attracted to this frozen burger during our last grocery shopping. So it was sort of an impulsive buy. (By the way, you HAVE TO ask an Italian person to pronounce “burger”. It’s SO CUTE!)

I also chose this burger by Kio Ene, because it was much cheaper than the other brand – that one had 2 patties and sold for 3 euro, while this one has 4 patties and sold for 4 euro.

This burger is mostly made of soy, flour, onion and a mix of spices.


And it looks like this right out of the box. Doesn’t look all that appetizing …


But look how it looks like after being fried in olive oil after a couple of minutes. Oooh! What a bewdy!


We dressed it up with mustard, chilli  sauce (forgot to buy ketchup) a slice of onion at the bottom and sottilette cheese.


And it’s so crunchy and surprisingly really really tasty. So good! I wouldn’t mind eating this over a real meat burger sometimes. I guess you can call me, a flexitarian

I can has moar?

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    1. Ah! I bought a couple of bottles while I was in Singapore though and some were given by friends (as they knew that I loved this particular brand)

      But you might want to try out castroni? They sell loads of international food there 🙂

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