Easy tricolour nails

There are days when you can’t decide which colours to paint your nails. Baby blue? Green? Hot Pink? Why not use them all?

If you like the picture above, let me show you how with this ridiculously easy to do tricolour nails

Sidenote : In case you were wondering, that groovalicious song is called La Pantera Mambo by Orquesta La 33!

5 Replies to “Easy tricolour nails”

  1. Well done Marina! I use Kiko lipstick and nail colours too. Once I bought a palette of eyeshadows for my mom. When she opened it after 2 months later to use it..one of the colours was covered with mould 🙁 I hv doubts abt their powders and eyeshadows after this incident.. thought to share with u since u use their product too.

    1. Oh my gosh, really?! Which line was that? Did you manage to ask for a replacement or a refund?

      I haven’t gotten any eyeshadows from them though because I’ve yet still to use the rest of my own.

  2. I couldn’t ask for a refund/replacement cos I gave it to my mom in and she has it with her in S’pore. I dont recall which line..but it was in a pretty case with some Swarovski crystals on the outside. I was attracted to the external beauty than the content 😉 Now I have doubts to buy their eyeshadow product 🙁

    1. Oh! I know which one you were talking about – It’s the bling collection right? I was very attracted to them because of the cover. It does look very pretty, but I have too much blushes and eyeshadows and the foundation doesn’t match my skin so I didn’t get them. Gosh, if the quality is so bad, I’m glad that I didn’t get them.

      Hopefully the regular eyeshadows could be better? I’ll see if I can give it a try once my mekap is used up :p

  3. You’re right! Lucky u didn’t get them! If u’ve finished yr mekap and decide to get one from them..do let me know yr reviews 🙂

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