How to exfoliate your skin for cheap

Sometimes the face can feel clogged up regardless how much you cleanse and tone it. So, it’s good to exfoliate your skin every now and then. While there are many scrubs out there, I’m a bit of a cheapo so I use my trusty bicarbonate of soda.

I found out about this technique while using Lucy Minerals and it made sense. Bicarbonate of soda is cheap and easily acessible – you could get them for under 2 dollars from any supermarkets in the world. And while it’s main purpose is for cooking, the particles are rounded and fine in texture, making it both effective and gentle on the skin.

For scrubs, put about half a teaspoon in your palm. You can adjust more or less according to how you feel the next time.

And together in your palm, squeeze in your favourite facial cleanser.

Add some drops of water and mix them together. You should already feel the lovely little beads as you mix them together.

And gently massage it over your face avoiding the delicate areas around the eyes. But if some managed to get into your eyes, flush them with water of course.

Be gentle. Though it’s tempting, never tug your skin as you can aggravate your skin instead of making it cleaner! Continue to massage for a couple of minutes and visualise all the dead skin falling off and new skin peeking in.

And after a few minutes, rinse the exfoliant and dead skin away with cold water.

And now that you’re done, admire your smooth, touchably soft skin. I’m serious, do give it a try. It’ll feel and stay fresh and soft that way for at least half an hour. I was really impressed by this the first time I did a baking soda scrub.

Some of you might end up with your face slightly red, like you came back from exercising. Don’t worry about this. If you were gentle with your skin, this is normal and it will resume to normal in a few minutes.

And now finish off with your favourite toner and moisturizer. This scrub is gentle enough that you can do this for a couple of times a week.

Try it out and see how it goes for you! 🙂

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    1. Yup, it’s very useful! Every house should have a small box! On top of that, it’s a great deodorizer too! Can be put in shoes, on carpets and anywhere you want the smell to go away 🙂

  1. I do this once a week. For me, I don’t usually mix it with my face wash. After I’ve washed my face, I take some baking powder and add just enough water to make it into a paste with consistency like toothpaste, and use that to scrub very gently.

    You can mix the baking soda with your shampoo and use it to remove all the build up from shampoo/conditioner/hair products too. Best used once a week. Makes your hair squeaky clean. Depending on the hardness of your water, might need to condition after but seriously, your hair feels really, really good.

    Also, you can use it as an all over body scrub too! Helps with the ingrown hairs.

    Baking soda, the miracle powder everyone should use.

    1. I do that too for my hair sometimes, when it feel really gunky. You’re right, it does feel wonderfully clean after a wash, with the bicarbonate of soda scrubbing away dead skin from the scalp which would be quite difficult do get at with regular hair wash.

      I don’t use it as a body scrub though, because it’s a little too fine for me so it didn’t do much. I use a scrubbing sponge for that. But in other aspects, I think everyone should have a box of baking soda! It’s great as deodorizers too, for shoes and carpets 😀

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