Totally stuffed from easter lunch

When Cart and I arrived back home, we couldn’t move at all. We were stuffed from easter lunch with the combined food that my in laws and I have prepared.

Here are some of the food that we had. First off for antipasti (appetizer) :

We had Carciofi sott’olio which is basically artichokes preserved in oil. This might take a bit of getting used to because it tends to be very sour.

And then we had zucchini with tomatoes. This is pretty easy to make but very tasty – basically you stir fry some chopped onions, then add in sliced zucchini and then some cut tomatoes. You might want to add some vinegar towards the end if you like.

I made Nasi Tomato using the recipe from “Tanya Mami Asmah Laili” which I won from Putri Berendam (which sidetracking, I think is really good considering that it is only $15SGD. There is also AYAM PENYET!!!! If anyone want, I can do a review of the DVD)

The rice was delicious by the way. All the adults liked it. Just too bad that the kids were afraid to eat something that they didn’t recognize

By this time, I was already feeling full. But then we still had first course to go which is pasta! Cart and I had Cannelloni ricotta e spinaci.

This is a sort of lasagna, but instead of rectangular pasta pieces, these are long tubes instead and stuffed with ricotta cheese and spinach. Kind of like the lasagna I video blogged a while ago.

The rest had Cappelletti in brodo di pollo.

These are dumplings stuffed with 4 cheeses in chicken broth and this is a special Emilia-Romagna recipe from my in-laws. They would usually have it during main holidays like Christmas and these dumplings are actually hand made!

As I’ve already learnt how to make pasta, I’m curious to know how to make these too. Hopefully they will show me the next time

And finally for the secondo piatto, roasted lamb. Kind of like ketupat for us in Asia during hari raya, roasted lamb with potatoes are a speciality for pasqua because lamb has a religious symbolism.

There was still Carciofi alla Romana to eat after this. And then strawberries for dessert. But at this point of time, as big as my eyes were, I just couldn’t stuff myself with more food and I just sat there on the chair for a full 5 minutes. Oh! And we still had to open our chocolate eggs!


Even the turtles had a treat with a banana each. My niece and nephew had two turtles which are actually fun to play with (they move amazingly fast too)

Check out one of the turtle eating a banana :


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