I’m caught by the election Fever

Today is nomination day for the Singapore General Elections. This means that the parties who will be running for elections has been announced. And this time round, it feels more exciting for me since 14 of the 15 constituency has been contested unlike the elections in 2006 where most was a walkover.

This is more like it!

While I may be far away from Singapore, it is exciting to catch up with the 2011 Singapore General Elections. I managed to watch the telecast live from ge.sg and nomday.tumblr.com.

There has been a lot of drama going on. From the elections being compared to a beauty pageant with two candidates, Tin Pei Ling and Nicole Seah who are both in their 20s, to one of the constituency having a walkover because the application was sent just seconds too late.

Being in Italy, I’m very sad that I am not able to participate this time round as the population of Singaporeans in Italy are not large enough to form a functioning embassy for us to have our own polling station. The nearest polling station for me in Europe would be in London.

Theoretically, I could go to Singapore High Commission in London to vote. And unfortunately for me, I did not manage to send my overseas voting application in time as I was aware of it too late. What a shame! Though I think that there should be more ways to  keep overseas Singaporean more connected, *cough* I’m sorry but our Singapore consulate here in Italy is completely not helpful *cough* but I blame myself more for being not proactive enough.

So the only way for me to vote is to head back to Singapore. But flight trips costs 1.5K Euro alone. Where am I going to find the money on such short notice

Sigh. Maybe my one vote might not change anything. But more than a duty, I feel it is my right to do so.

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You may take me out of Jurong, but I’m still a Jurong girl at heart.

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  1. I don’t think you should kick yourself. Its the SG Government thats incompetent in doing these things. I managed to sign up in time, but thats because I was kiasu.

    1. Singaporeans in Italy have it bad because we dont have a proper consulate. Moreoever, personally, my experience with them left me thinking that they have much to improve – not helpful nor knowledgeable.

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