Lucy Minerals Review

I’ve been using mineral makeup regularly ever since I’ve been introduced to mineral makeup. I liked them mostly because of how natural it looked like on my skin. After using my Revlon one, I switched to Everyday Minerals which to me was probably THE best mineral makeup in 2008.

These are just a few of the base powders that I’ve hit the pan.

Everyday minerals used to have a 45% discount of 12 items or more and I used to do a personal spree once a year as they had But recently, without any notice, Everyday Minerals has taken away this promo. I didn’t like how they are giving me the impression that they do not value their customer, swaying me to switch to something else.

I’m not the only person who’s not happy about this change. But what a pity though, because I thought that the Medium Tan base powder was a nice match for my skin and I really liked their brushes.

Anyway, I was in Cozycot and that was when I stumbled upon this post and I was intrigued. But doing a little more research about Lucy Minerals and it was actually this particular blog post which really clinched the deal.

Makeup that can hide blemishes and still look natural? Woah. I got to have it. So I went ahead and looked through the website. It can be a little confusing trying to navigate through the website as there are a lot of links.

The foundation powders for example, there are three types alone – Original, Oil Control and Light. Original which is said to be creamy, water resistant, free of preservatives and has super antioxidants like apple polyphenols. Oil control is the same as original but more suited for oily skin and light is the same as original but without any additives.

And then you’d have to figure out your shade out of the 19 different foundation shades. Thus it is definitely best to get samples before committing to full sized ones. By the way, this is one of the reasons why I prefer buying foundations online compared to over the counter, since I’ve brown skin and living in Italy, I don’t really have that much choice in darker shades.

I got 6 samples which costs about 11 USD including delivery and it took under 2 weeks to reach Italy. The sachet samples look like these :

Some people might prefer their sample to come in little jars but I didnt mind sachets so much since it brings costs down for delivery charges.

The first test was to check for skin colour match. I’m using the original foundations and tried it on clean, moisturized skin.

Here is how Medium Caramel, Tan Olive and Golden Medium (top to bottom) looks like after 5 minutes on my skin.

And here is how Caramel, Toffee and Medium Caramel (top to bottom) looks like after 5 minutes.

Not the most perfect match, but it looks like Medium Caramel suits me the best out of the 5 samples that I got. So I’ll stick to that for now. And yes, like most people, I do have blemishes like large pores and pimples. Get over it

The next test is the wearabilty test. As how we use other mineral foundations, the trick is to use a dense brush, dip it in a little of the powder and dab it on the face with swirling motions.

This is how much I use regularly. Don’t use too much powder as the foundation is actually quite concentrated and too much will make you risk looking like you’re wearing a mask later.

So far one sachet actually lasts me a good 2 weeks if I used it every day.

Contrary to many reviews saying how it feels creamy on the skin. I don’t really feel it, to me, it felt the same as other mineral foundations. However, I do like how very natural it looked like on my skin.

But most importantly, how it made my skin almost flawless. Take a look at my face close up. No photo retouched.

Woah, where are my pimple spots? My skin looks almost flawless. I can still see my pores but it’s not so evident as before. This is totally photoshop in a can.

And interestingly after several hours outdoors, my skin still looks natural.

Cat hat FTW!

Using the samples made me really liked it enough to get the full size and luckily Lucy Minerals have a set kit where you could get different combinations of foundation, finishing powder, blushes, eyeshadows, etc. for a cheaper price compared to if you bought each separately.

I got for myself a “Face It” Kit and Sweet Dream Ambrosia sample size to reach 35 USD (+4 USD for delivery) to get a free Blush and Eyeshadow promotion which was going on in December.

It took under a month to be delivered this time due to the busy holiday season but anyway here is how my package looks like! It’s a regular brown envelope and inside it are these packages wrapped in blue crepe paper like presents waiting to be opened

And each package is wrapped and taped with bubble wrap so that the contents does not get damaged along the travel.

I quite like how charming and whimsical the design looked like. They are pretty much the standard size for mineral make up though – 10 grams for foundation, 7 grams for finishing powder.

But regardless, while it might look small, judging by how I used the sample sachet, this will probably last me at the very least 6 months if I used it every day and since I dont, this will last me a very long time indeed!

Oh! I forgot to mention the blushes that I got! They are really beautiful! I used them in the karaoke video back in February. Both of the blushes I got, Sweetcheeks and Petal are both very pigmented so use them with a light hand.

Nevertheless, the colours are beautiful and they actually look very natural on me, like how the skin looks like when you’ve gone exercising. But even if you put too much blush, they are extremely easy to blend away with the finishing powder.

Each foundation and finishing powder has a rotatable lid where you could open and close to prevent spillage if you’re taking it out for travelling. This is always appreciated for mineral make up.

I think that if you’re in the lookout for mineral makeup, try giving Lucy Minerals a try. It might seem a little bit pricier at first, but in my opinion, it’s totally worth it considering of the quality, the longevity and the range of choices. But best of all, the ingredients are actually good for your skin. So it is definitely a good buy.

Before I end, I’m going to put up a picture of me after I went jogging yesterday with Lucy Minerals foundation on.

Ehm. I don’t recommend that you go jogging with makeup on because of the risk of clogged pores but check it out, the powder still looks intact under heat, perspiration and oil.

I really don’t know of other mekap that can stand all that.

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  1. Hi, I also used to use Everyday Minerals foundations, but they don’t send deliveries to Poland any more. We have Polish online shop but there is a problem-it is pricey. For example foundation costs 17$ (year ago the cost of foundation was 6,6$ with the promo you mentioned) . So I had to find another shop with mineral foundations. I like Lucy Minerals and Adorned With Grace Minerals – they have really good customer service and they are “family companies” (I don’t know the word in English, it’s probably an idiom, but in Polish it means that the owner of the shop is taking care of everything on their own and they don’t have a lot of workers).
    I had have a problem with color of foundation, but I solved the problem- Annie (the owner of Lucy Minerals brand) can make “customer mix” – she blends mineral foundation from foundations which are in regular offer (you can send her an order with a recipe).
    I still don’t have a foundation for summer time so I would be grateful if you could send me your samples (which don’t match your skin) , but I live in Poland so it would be a big cost for you… I don’t think it’s a good idea.
    P.S. I’m sorry for errors, it’s hard for me to write in another language (I’m from Poland).

    1. Hi kmb1, “family company” makes sense because it’s a small family run business which is great because they put more thought and care in their products

      Don’t worry about your English, it sounds very good to me! 🙂

      By the way, I could send you Golden Medium and Tan Olive, I think the other two shades could be to dark for you. It’s already too dark for me. It shouldn’t be too expensive. It should be like a regular letter right?

  2. I just got my latest order from Everyday minerals and yes, I too am disappointed by the recent changes that they had. I love their brushes but it’s getting very expensive to get a couple of their brushes at a go.

    Anyway, I’m found a local site that sells mineral make up in SGD but I’ve never tried it. It’s called Hues:

    I need to do more research to see if it’s good but I think I’ll check out Lucy Minerals as well. Thank you for the review 😀

    1. No worries. I really do love this foundation a lot. The best mineral foundation that I’ve used so far in my opinion 🙂

      Ooooh … the website you linked looks very interesting! *peeks* Thanks 🙂

  3. Interesting post! 🙂 I still haven’t bought any more Everyday Minerals since I bought from your spree. I went ahead and bought a double pack of ZA compact foundation [or whatever it’s called] – quicker to apply but the results are not as amazing. Will check out Lucy Minerals in the near future. Thanks for the recommendation!! 🙂

    1. I like ZA but it’s a tad bit too thick for me. It always look like a mask on my face when I put it on. Well, if I wanted to be a geisha, I know what to look for …

      Go ahead and try the samples first. I think for your skin you could be somewhere along Tan Olive or Medium Caramel 🙂

  4. Hey rinaz, Ive heard alot of bad things about Italian postal and items not arriving. Also alot of sellers are not willing to send things there. Doesnt seem like this is true thou, considering you got all your packages?

    1. Hi Dee,

      I actually had the second package sent to Singapore since I was visiting Singapore at the time. The samples though, came through fine, no issues at all. Are you in Italy?

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