A horrible dream

It was like any other night. I was in bed sleeping. And I awoke to find a woman slowly and deliberately going through the cupboards stealing my jewellery. I saw her taking one of my favourite necklaces.


I asked her worriedly, “Please don’t take that. That used to belong to my mother. And my grandmother gave her that. It’s very precious to me”

The woman laughed, continued rummaging through the drawers but later on left the jewellery on the bed and eventually went out of the room.

I was surprised and asked Cart to call the police and I walked out to investigate.

But I was stunned to see on the dining table, all full of food like Curry, Rendang, Ketupat Ayam Masak Merah and all the other types of food that my mum used to cook. I could hear them. I was touched that my family would come all the way and give me such a nice surprise.

But when I turned my head to say hello. They were gone.

I woke up sobbing uncontrollably. I’ve never cried from a dream like that.

6 Replies to “A horrible dream”

  1. I’m woken up crying more than a couple of times but that’s usually because I dreamt about my late grandma or just something that broke my heart so bad I couldn’t control the tears even while dreaming.

    The pain of the dream stays with me even after a couple of hours after waking up, which totally sucks.

    1. I know the feeling. It’s odd because when I’m awake, I don’t really think of these things. That night was probably one of the most intense dream that I’ve ever had.

    1. Yang peliknya, hari-hari bila Marina bangun dan menjalani kehidupan membuat perkara hari-harian, taklah terfikir sangat. Jadi sungguh anih, termimpi-mimpi sampai menangis macam begini

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