Maratona 2011

Cart, my friend Claire and I went to the Roma Fun Run this year. Check out the amount of people there!

We’ve already participated in the Fun Run last year, so this time round, I thought that I’d do a video blog instead 🙂

It’s interesting to see famous Rome landmarks and monuments up close with the roads all to ourselves. One qualm I had was that our freebies werent as good as last year’s though.

4 Replies to “Maratona 2011”

  1. Such a nice video! Images and sound are simply great.
    It isn’t hard to run carrying your camera? Btw the connection between an healtier way of living and Mc Donald’s as a sponsor doesn’t sound so natural to me..

    1. Haha, sometimes one needs to play the devil’s advocate just to have the money sponsorship.

      It wasn’t difficult to run with my camera since it’s small and light. I know you are Italian, but would you like to see more videos like this? 🙂

      1. Of course! Are you thinking to do more videos in the future? I would appreciate to get the membership number 1 of your videos italian fan club 🙂

  2. Looks sooo funnnn!!! Live bands and all! 😀 And a wide range of people from kids to elderlies. If only it was that way here – only young adults!! 😛 And very competitive too. Much leisurely so you really enjoy it coz of no pressure. Now I regret not taking enough pix nor vids during my first race. 😛

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