Attack of the clutter monster

I’ve only been living in Italy for about two years and already I’m starting to have problems with my stuff cluttering. I don’t think that I have that much clothes and shoes and make up. But just yesterday, I was trying to find my green top but after 10 minutes and not being able to find it, in my annoyance I pulled out EVERYTHING out of the closet and rearranged everything.

When I was done, I felt as if I was Cathy, proud of my arranging skills and wanted to call a friend over to show off my neat and tidy closet.

But one thing that come to mind was that, gosh, there are so many clothes. Some of them I haven’t worn even once because I’ve forgotten about it and some are clothes which doesn’t fit my taste, of which I’m packing it up to be donated.

The thing is, unlike Singapore where all my clothes were summer clothes which I wore every day, Italy is seasonal country and thus I had to have sets for Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter and so, there will always be a conglomerate of clothes lying in the closet for 6 months.

And that’s the same for shoes too. My boots for the cold season and my wedges. flats and heels for the warmer seasons.

Do you see my sexeh red Enrico Coveri wedges on the left there? I actually forgot about it and left it in the store room for over a year! Bah! I’m going to wear it now in the house for at least an hour. After all, I should maximize everything I own, right?

This makes me realise why I didn’t buy any clothes at all while I was back in Singapore (also the fact that Italian clothes fit me better). While I would love to have more clothes and shoes and bags and make-up, its impossible for me to make full use of them.

In fact, I’m throwing away some of my babies right now.

Sigh. My pretties. Some of them aren’t even opened yet but since all of them are over a year old, its better just  to chuck them away.

Just don’t look back, Marina …

5 Replies to “Attack of the clutter monster”

  1. I’ve been in Italy for nearly 2 1/2 years too, and when I moved house back in July I was amazed at how much STUFF I’d managed to accumulate! I’m a hoarder anyway, but after moving out here with a suitcase & backpack I didn’t know where it’d all come from! I was thinking of de-cluttering this weekend too, maybe it’s a Spring-in-the-air thing?

    1. Perhaps! Because I’m really in the mood to throw away all the clutter in everything, not just my wardrobe. But Cart is a hoarder too, and always is reluctant to throw away his things, even if he has never touched them in 10 years! :p

  2. This is regarding your BB cream post. Have you tried Missha Perfect Cover in #31 Golden Beige? It’s a most suitable color for tanned skin like us. 🙂 Hope that helps. And wow, you have more shoes than I do.

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