Italians like to karaoke too


Thought that I’d dress up a little since it was valentines day. I look *cough* sexeh *cough* don’t I?

Anyway, even though I’m not all that overtly enthusiastic about Valentines day, it’s nice to take a break from our regular routine and have a nice evening to ourselves.

And knowing that restaurants will be insanely full and overpriced, we headed to this modest place called Squisito which isnt too far away from our place. Having eaten here before, I was enamoured with their seafood pasta.

I ordered the Valentine’s day set meal and while the food wasn’t bad …

My potato and fish dish (the fish is hidden underneath the potato) was quite nice …

And I really liked my orange cake dessert …

It was really really really hard to talk to Cartcart over the loud KARAOKE singing. I thought that only Asians liked karaoke

Check it out :

Yes, please dial 62353535 to vote for this singer. Hurry!

How does one have a romantic dinner when one has to scream to their date the entire time?

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9 Replies to “Italians like to karaoke too”

  1. That guy who was karaoke-ing, he’s not bad! Hahaha! Maybe he has a karaoke set at home too! I guess karaoke is really catching up in Europe. There is a restaurant here in Zürich that has a karaoke machine. Each time we pass by the restaurant, there’s always someone singing. 🙂

    1. Haha, indeed he’s not bad. He’s probably a professional singer hired by the restaurant. But having someone singing karaoke is a total killjoy in my opinion. We wanted to have a nice quiet dinner where we could talk, not be bombarded by karaoke :p

      Oh, and I think I’ll probably avoid that restaurant in Zurich :p

    1. Haha! We didnt book the whole hall! I took this video towards 11pm and most of the diners were already on their way home. In fact we were the 2nd last set of diners. The last one was sitting about 50 meters away, hidden behind Cart.

    1. Mostly Italian singers but there are also american songs scattered here and there, like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry and such. Music is a very big thing here, and there are many competitions like X factor, San Remo, Cantare con noi, and others.

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