I hate angry birds

At first, it started off with this really funny video I watched some months ago :

Amused, I showed it to Cartcart.

A month later, we went to Singapore and the first thing that Cart did was to scour for a new handphone. Eventually he bought for himself a Nokia N8 and immediately fiddled with it. And you know how boys are when they get new toys … He started to talk incessantly about his phone.

And when we had dinner together with some friends, he was so engrossed with his phone, he doesn’t talk or socialise with anyone at all. He didnt even noticed Mintea‘s awesome tee shirt when I mentioned it to him. By this time, she was already long gone

But I had to be understanding. After all, it is natural for someone to feel extremely excited at acquiring a new toy. I’d probably act the same way too.

But then not too long after that, Cart decided to install Angry Birds in his handphone.  At first I was amused. But that quickly turn into alarm when he played it ALL the time to the point that he spent the entire weekend trying to get a high score.

Just picture your partner, ignoring you 90% of the time playing Angry Birds, playing it the first thing as he wakes up and the last thing you remember as you go to sleep is “Weeeeeee!”  and “Woohoohoohoo” and “na na na na na nah! na na naah naah naah!”

Sometimes I feel like cutting off his angry bird. Good thing he seems to be slowly waning off from that bugger!

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    1. I had it worse ! Since the existence of internet, my hubs is chained to it on his days off *big sob* I only see him at mealtimes n even then, I hv to call up to him several times b4 he hears me *sigh* Our list of annual chores (upgrade/repairs) has turned yellow on a peg in his home-office. I really can’t understand his need to “work” on the pc from morn to midnight. He doesn’t even do the dishes after a meal bec he had to keep een eye on some downloads.
      I find his “addiction” very scary. I’m on the verge of moving out ….

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