Janet the cat is annoying

This is Janet the cat, living with my family.


She looks all innocent lying down and sleeping in the box like that right? Not so. Janet always does this when I sit down and try to read the newspaper.

So annoying! Does your pet do the same thing too?

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10 Replies to “Janet the cat is annoying”

  1. She’s saying, “Play with me, I’m warning you!!! I ripped a bit of your paper. If you don’t play with me now, you won’t have any paper to read when I’m tired of playing!!!”

    1. But I play with her all the time! So much that she even runs away! Its only when I’m reading the paper, she starts bothering me and sits on the paper, covering what I was reading!

      Evil ket

  2. i think the noise makes her think there is something under the paper to chase but she doesn’t realize it’s herself making the noise. Oh well this is what you do, give her a noisy plastic bag or a yesterdays paper to play with so you can read today’s paper.

    1. My mum does that sometimes, but the cat is really evil because she will only bother you if you’re sitting and reading and will sit exactly on the paper that you’re reading.

      She knows that you are already done with yesterday’s paper :p

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