I don’t think its going to work out between us

There has always been a group of wild cats living around our area and they always run away when we approach them despite our cajoling, our coaxing, our persuasion. They are, after all wild and hence, not as docile as domestic cats are.

But recently, Cart and I noticed a kitten as we were going home. And instead of running away, it approached us hesitantly at first, but then started to get playful. It was probably due to Cart bringing some pizza back or that I was carrying some fish keropok (a gift from Eu Chai). Nevertheless, the kitten looked so tiny and adorable.


And instantaneously, my heart warmed up and I really wanted to take her home out of the cold. And for a wild moment, when she followed us all the way to the front gate, I thought that it would be a chance to cat-nap it.

I wan ket

Look at her long tail swishing! So cute! Cart didn’t think that it was a good idea to bring the kitten home though so I got a little heartbroken

The next day, I was at the balcony watering the plants and I peeked below and saw the little kitten sitting in the grass, as if waiting for something. And when I came back from my morning Italian class and seeing it waiting there, I couldn’t take it anymore and despite what Cart said, I decided to take the kitten home.


It was quite a feat to do. Calming her down and then carrying her and then she was struggling to be released. And then when we entered the house, she ran and hid underneath the sofa. But slowly she explored the house and sniffed around curiously. And finally seemed to felt comfortable and rested on the sofa and I was just content to hear her purr and slowly fall asleep.


So there I was, playing with the kitten and I told Cartcart who was at work and online at the time that I’ve cat-napped the kitten and then he started to ask me, “Is the cat happy?” And then slowly I realised that I probably couldn’t take care of this animal. She had a tendency to dig in the indoor plants, and claw at the furniture which is not bad, because while I was there, I could relocate the plant and distract her away from the furniture. But I wouldn’t home all the time to keep an eye on it.

Its not like when I was living with my parent’s in Singapore where with the 6 of us, there will be at least one person home to supervise. Moreoever, come mid December when Cart and I go to Singapore, who’s going to take care of her for 3 weeks? So with a heavy heart after home hours later, I opened the door to release the kitten while I was on my way to my evening Italian class.


At least she seemed quite excited to be out again and she practically swished down the stairs. And when I got back from Italian class, I saw her hanging out with her cat friends so I guess she’s quite happy to be that way. So I had a little solace in knowing that she’s a wild animal that would probably be more at home outside. How could I drag you out of your element?

I love you. But I don’t think that its going to work out between us.

The end

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    1. In my opinion, cats are easy to take care of, a bit of food, water, a place to clean itself, scratch and some play and it would be content. I worry about the times when we are on vacation long term though. My in laws doesnt like cats :

  1. They do take a bit of getting used to. You’d need to train it to use a scratch post instead of your furniture. The plants… well, there’s not much you can do about that, unless she was just looking for a place to use the toilet. You’d have needed a litter box as well. We always had a hard time figuring out what to do with our cats when we went on trips, but luckily for the last year there was a maid in the house that didn’t mind taking care of them for us.

    1. Yes do do take a bit of getting used to in a new environment. I’ve had a few cats when I was staying with my parents but they werent difficult to take care of, moreoever there would always be at least one person home to keep an eye on it.

      Here its only Cart and me :

  2. I want a cat too but like you, it’s going to be hard to have one at home since one of my family members is terrified of cats. I enjoy cat stories via proxy; from you and the man (who’s currently cat-sitting).

    1. Shucks, I can understand you. I remember for a long while we didnt have a cat because practically everyone else (who is not me) had athma :p

      No worries! When you have your own place, you can has ket!

  3. awww, so cute…
    if you don’t mind, you could let her out when you are out for class and put a cat house outside. i doubt she wouldn’t come back, just give her room to roam around, since she is feral πŸ™‚

      1. that’s a good idea, like having her for stay overs and let her get used to being near you and Cartcart.

        if she ever decides she have enough of the wild, then she’ll happily stay and take over your bed πŸ˜›

  4. Kak.. I believe the strays are able to survive because like u mention they are wild! Atleast it is safe and sound out on the streets in the cold night.
    Unlike in Singapore, the cats are being killed by barbarians because they are too tame!
    So sad.. coz i own a pet cat too..
    Btw the cat’s face is penyet! lol

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