The day I licked a strange man’s chest

Not too long ago, Cart and I bought some pizza al taglio.

For visual illustration purposes only. Not related to the story I am about to tell you

Pizza al taglio is a type of pizzeria that sells different variety of pizza in a display case. You can choose as much as you want and you’ll be charged accordingly to how much the pizza weighs. Usually, this was an economical way of trying out many different types of pizza at one time.

Anyway, we were at a pizza al taglio and I saw one of my favourite type – the potato pizza. It’s probably uncommon outside of Italy, but the combination of potato and rosemary on pizza is actually rather delightful.

We stopped to sit down and I took a bite of the pizza. It was a creamy, savoury taste. I savoured each mouthful. But then … at the corner of my eye, I saw a small bit of hair.

At this point of time I was feeling flashes of shock. What can it be? Is it an eyelash? Full of curiosity, I tore the pizza bit by bit till I found this :

Completely alarmed, the first thing that came to mind was “WTF? Did the dude who made my pizza scratch his balls while making the dough or something?!” As you can tell, I was totally grossed out.

Cart, who was sitting next to me tried to console me, “That can’t be. That’s probably just his chest hair that fell down while making the pizza”

That’s not making me feel any better! This is the equivalent of me LICKING a strange man’s chest!” For the next hour, I just sat there completely stunned. Visions of hairy men running through my mind. Just too traumatised to say anything. cry

The end

15 Replies to “The day I licked a strange man’s chest”

  1. Why never act like our dear daphne with her Penyet Ria chicken drumsticks incident? shout at the man that he is filthy and disgusting!

    The worse I’ve seen in my food was a crushed baby cockroach. lol now THAT is scary.

    1. The thing is, we already drove off about 2 hours away from the pizzeria on our way to Milan. No point turning back then. Cart’s now joking that, that’s why my pizza was so special -_-

      And to make it worse, that wasnt the end of our food midadventures because Cart found a baby cockroach in his onion soup the very next day. That’s why his soup was so … special

  2. That’s disgusting! My worst incident involving food was crunching on a cockroach’s egg from the fried banana bought from the Kopitiam at JP1. Omg, the stinging taste, worse than wasabe! Traumatised to tears!

    1. Oh my gosh, how is the situation there now? Kopitiam used to be one of my favourite places to go and eat in Jurong Point.

      Eww … nao I has images of roach eggs … argghh!

          1. Do u have to associate it with rice? =p It’s more rectangle and brown, inside there are compartments for d lil roaches. Bleargh. There’s no halal food in kopitiam tau. I think u mean u always eat at Banquet. I stopped buying from the Yong Tau Foo stall ever since Din found a lil roach in his soup. Gah! Both was a long time ago when they were still constructing JP2. We figured tt’s why the roaches are out n abt.

  3. I can understand u so well Marina! I think I had 2 incidents like yours with ‘hair’.. was too disgusted to eat anymore from the place I bought.

  4. I bet hairy pizza would go well with smelly toufu. Could have been worse, you know? Could have been …. a rat or the cook’s finger or something.

    Bon appetit!!

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