A farmer’s market in Rome

I only knew that there was a Farmer’s Market in Rome when Anna A. was posting some pictures on her facebook album. A farmer’s market are markets where the farmers sell their product directly to the public. And since it is usually items cultivated in the area, without the need to travel much, the items are very fresh

For me, I appreciate farmer’s market because the items sold are usually organic, and one could appreciate items which are local and seasonal.

Intrigued, I asked Anna where it was, and when we found out, the first thing we did was to look through google maps on where it was. I was surprised at how close it was to the touristic monuments. It wasnt too far off where Cart and I were watching the Earth Day concert in April this year either.

But despite our scepticism, we found it, the Mercato Campagna di Amica


It was a lot smaller than what I thought it would be, but its interesting to see nevertheless. At every booth would be the homesteader, proudly showing off their wares and explaining more about their items.


As we reached there in the afternoon instead of early morning, there were lesser items. Like there were only a few breads left when we arrived. And some booths had just a few items left. Luckily we still had an eyeful.


This woman from this cheese booth was slicing up some cheeses and Cart was intruiged by the choices that he got a couple of them like a piece of fresh cheese filled with pistacchio. And one piece of a more matured variety. I’m not too fond of ripe cheeses though.


Whereas I got a bottle of honey with hazelnut and a bottle of onion jam. Onion jam probably doesnt sound appealing nor visually very appealing either but, trust me, its totally delicious! If you like caramelised onions (and who doesnt like caramelised onions?!) you’d definitely love onion jam. Really good in burgers or just a simple toast.

I could finish a bottle in just a few days.


Anyway, it was an interesting tour and in case if you are in Rome (there are also others in other regions too!) and if you’d like  to take a peek.

Mercato di Campagna Amica – Circo Massimo
Website : www.campagna.it
Address :Via San Teodoro 74
Opening hours : Every Sat & Sun from 9am – 6pm

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  1. I guess it’s the equivalent to the Malaysian Pasar Petani and Fremantle Market in Perth. It sounds like an interesting place to visit.

    Onion jam, at first I thought you meant something really sweet like regular jam but if it’s more like caramelised onions, then heck yeah! I want some.

    1. I’ve yet to visit Pasar Petani, and hopefully we’d be able to see Fremantle Market too! Sounds interesting and I love to eat fresh and ripe fruits 🙂

      You want a bottle of onion jam Mintea?

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