Getting a riding license in Italy

Am back from my riding exam, check out what I’ve got! patente

Okay, I look like an alien in this pic, but who cares! Hehehehe! Class A3 babeh! Now I can officially ride a moto of any class here in Italy. Even a 1000cc moto and more! Like this Ducati that I’ve seen at the Big Bike Fest in Singapore. patente

Now that that’s over, I can focus on the rest of my 2011 goals.

I have to say though, the exam wasn’t as difficult as I anticipated. Before my training strarted, I was worried because I’d be practising with a Transalp (their smallest model is 500cc) which is more powerful than any motorcycle that I’ve ever used. Moreover, I’ve been using an automatic scooter for a long while. But after a couple of rides, its like a power trip, I guess. Anything less feels kind of puny now. Gosh, I’m really turning into a biker chick patente
This is me getting scolded by my instructor. “Yew musta go near da birillo! Understand!”

But apart from getting used to a heavier and more powerful machine, the exam was quite a breeze. It could partly be because compared to the riding test in Singapore, there are less challenges, and also it could partly be because I’m an experienced rider, so it wasn’t anything new. patente

Check it out, there are only 4 inner challenges to do – The slalom, the figure 8, parallel cones at 2nd gear and finally breaking at the lines. And yes, my drawing skills are rudimentary, but I try

Although, admittedly, I was quite worried mainly because of the street route. When I asked my riding instructor, he said that only the invigilator knew. So Cart and I called up the theory school and we were informed to call back to talk to the invigilator on Friday. When Friday arrived, they said they did not hear from her. Called back on Saturday, and nothing. Even on my exam day itself, nothing was heard from here till close to lunch time!

Not knowing made me feel jittery. Probably because I’m very accustomed to the Singaporean systematic ways – everything was already laid out to you in advance. Every plan, every syllabus, where points will be allocated, where points will be demerited. At the very least I wanted to know at least which route we would be going to, and what exactly they will be checking.

sam kymco -

The only thing we knew was that the street route would be around the riding school, so the day before, I took out my stepson, Sam Kymco, and looked out for every street sign, every markings till we were very familiar with the area.

By the way, something interesting about Italy is that you could drive/ride even without a license. This is a foglio rosa. Literally translated as pink paper, this is given to you by the driving theory school. And this allows you to train and practise with your vehicle in your neighbourhood. patente

Its only valid for 6 months though, and you should try to get your patente in this duration.

Anyway, after we heard word of when the examiner would arrive, I got ready. I showed her all my documents such as the Carta D’Identita, Permesso Di Soggiorno as well as the Foglio Rosa. Just the same as when taking the driving theory test. - carta d'identita, permesso di soggiorno

There was another candidate with me. She checked all the documentations, and then all of a sudden, she asks us to start. “Go through the challenge, don’t put your feet down,” she instructed. Uh? Didn’t we get a practise try first?! I was starting to bum out. Even my trainer started to add in, “Don woori! Is juz likeda evariday

Ok lor. Luckily I didn’t fall or hit any cones or put my feet on the ground.

And then it was time to go through the street route. I was still confused. Fortunately for me, we went together as a group, so I more or less followed the other candidate, obeying street rules, using the correct signals when it was time to turn, going at a safe speed of about 50km/hr. (Felt so slow to me!) The examiner was behind us all the while, in a car.

The feeling was a lot different compared to back in Singapore, for some reason it was more festive because there would be about 15 of us at a time with about 100 candidates in total. Maybe it’s just me patente

After following us halfway, suddenly the examiner went past us, waving her hands around. I guess it was a sign for us to take over? So we signalled left, took over, and signalled right when re-entering the lane. It was so wierd. She should have briefed to us what she wanted before we started. Its a good thing that I’ve experience in riding before, because the entire situation was so confusing. I’ve no idea what she wanted.

And when we arrived back into the riding school, I was still confused and wondered about my future. But luckily after scribbling down in her notes, she was satisfied enough and gave me and the other candidate our patente!

And here I am, sharing this good news to you and I’ve been calling up as many people as I know!

Car next. And then helicopter!

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    1. Hahaha, I have to settle with my stepson for these while. Step by step. Next to be more fluent in Italian and then the search for a job πŸ™‚

      And then I can buy a better scooter, shoes, dresses, bags, mekap …

  1. If I have the correct picture about the situation of traffic in Rome, don’t bother take the driving license for car, better switch to the helicopter immediately! πŸ™‚

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