This is my stepchild

When I first saw him, I thought that he’d bring me joy into my life.

At first sight, he didn’t look too bad, but I was still a little doubtful. “He’s got character!” Cart said, and eventually, I thought, a bit of a spruce and polish would nurture him back to a semblance of normality again.

And after a week of deciding, Cart and I decided to adopt him.

The adoption process was such a hassle. First we had to head to the adoption center where he was, and then to another agency for a handing over transaction, and then to another agency for insurance! And then finally I brought him home.

This is my new stepson, Kymco.

kymco 125

He is a People 125 model which originated from Taiwan. He’s a used scooter that I bought for cheap from my driving school. He looks all battered up, probably from being mishandled from other riding students.

kymco 125

The brake clutch is broken and all mangled up. Urgh! And I cannot adjust the mirror, so I cant see what’s going on behind me.

kymco 125

The speedometer keeps being at 0km/hr regardless of what speed I go. And the fuel guage is forever showing 1/2 full regardless even if the tank is completely full.

kymco 125

I’m pixelling the number of the school because I don’t want to give them additional publicity! There is a huge-ass hole near the right side foot rest. I don’t understand how it could humanly be possible to do that?! Did a riding student took a hammer and beat it up?! And the cover for the power box has been ripped off.

Initially I thought that for 350 euro, the scooter was good enough. I saved enough money from what Cart gives me monthly. I’ll just close one eye at how ghastly he looks. But when added with transfer fee of 190 euro, and a year of insurance of 633 euro. I feel like crying!

rinaz cry

I am beautiful! And I deserve better than this unglamorous thing! Look at how happy I was when I got my first scooter back in 2006!

kymco 125

But what to do? I’m stuck because that’s the best that I can get at this point of time till I get a regular job. And as crappy as it is, Kymco runs well. And now that I’ve a scooter, I’m on the right track to my 2011 goal. Also, another advantage is, seeing how battered he is, I’m sure no one would want to steal him.

kymco 125

But for sure, my inner minah-moto is telling me that I need to spruce up Kymco a little. Most importantly the brake clutch and then the mirrors. And we’ll see what we can do next. And in time slowly, maybe I’ll begin to love my stepson.

P.S : If you’re wondering why I’m calling him my stepson, its because the term stepchild has this unfortunate connotation to mean someone that you’ve inherited unwillingly. Its a bad stigma in real life though, and I’m probably perpetuating a bad image by using this term, but I really don’t have any love for him!

Sidenote :

Check out this nice scooter I saw near the fake colosseum

kymco 125

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  1. hoho! A kymco people 125 eh? I dont understand why you didnt just get a second hand vespa ET8? I would have thought that its going to be cheaper than a bike imported from taiwan.

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