I got new motorcycle helmet!

Ok, to counteract my previous post, here is something happier!

Now that I’m done with my driving theory test, I’ll be starting my motorcycle practicals soon and I’ve been searching around for a while for a motorcycle helmet. Unfortunately, the prices here in Italy are pretty expensive. We were in a motorcycle shop and I was enamoured with one that looked like a soccer ball. But at 200 Euro, it was a bit over the budget for me.


Anyway, Fabrizio, a friend of ours adviced us to try to look in Via Portuense. So yesterday, Cart and I were in Via Portuense. According to Cart, it was a rough area. I didn’t snap a picture, but here’s one screenshot from google maps to give you an idea.


It was a good place to buy stuff like bicycles and motorcycle acessories. And while the area didn’t look classy, it reminded me of Lim Ah Boy Shop – a place where me and my brother sometimes head to, to get motorcycles accessories. Even the insides of the shop was exactly like a typical motorcycle shop in Jalan Besar – all crammed full with motorcycle goods.

And some minutes later, I chose this simple matt black helmet from Vemar.


It costs 60 Euro (discounted from 75). While in Singapore, I would never pay anything more than 40 Singapore dollars (about 20 Euro) for a helmet, this was still relatively the most affordable brand new helmet that I’ve seen so far.

Now I’m looking forward to making it more special by sticking a rinaz decal over it to add to my rinaz stuff collection. I’m sure it’ll look spiffy!

Cart on the other hand wants an afro-hair helmet. I can’t find one so far, but this is the closest one resembling one. Would take a while to glue all the hair pieces together though.


And now that I’ve seen this, as well as the sunflower motorcyclist I’ve spotted out on the Singapore roads. I think I’ve pretty much seen everything


Anyway, one step closer to getting a motorcycle!

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  1. Ah Boy is quite an institution for bikers in Singapore. Almost everybody would go to his shop and shout their requests over the din to secure their accessories of choice. That shop above certainly doesn’t look typically European!

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