Hooray! I has an ice cream maker!

Cart and I were at Castel Romano, a designer outlet, mainly looking around for nice things that we could get as presents, taking advantage of the sale season. We were just browsing around the kitchen shop where I saw an ice cream maker and suddenly, it was as if the entire store was illuminated by a shimmering, bright halo.

It could be that I’m influenced by Wati’s recent posts of ice cream or that I’ve yet to see an ice cream maker being sold in the malls here in Rome, or that it was still a heatwave going on, but impulsively, I grabbed it and squealed, “Want!” It wasn’t too expensive anyway, like 30 Euro which is equivalent to one dinner for two in a restaurant.

So we took the last set home, and we couldn’t wait to start to make our own gelato!

Our unit was the Krups ice cream maker. And there is a jug which needs to be placed in the freezer in advance, for at least 12 hours.

rinaz ice cream maker gelato

And here the jug is making friends with my pack of samosa. Oh! Speaking of which, Cart and I found an alimentari thanks to our Singaporean friend, Lajay who recommended it and we found quite a few Asian stuff there like banana chips and halal samosas! I’m totally gonna stuff my face with that for the next few days.

Ahem. Anyway! While waiting for the jug to freeze, we could start to prepare the ice cream mix. The basic ingredients are, to mix whole milk, sugar, and eggs together and warm it up in a saucepan without boiling it. Let it cool down to room temperature and add cream. You could change the recipe accordingly as to how sweet or how creamy you like it to be or add vanilla or chocolate chips or whatever you like. And then put the mix in the refrigerator to cool down.

When the jug is sufficiently cold, its time to take it out of the freezer and assemble the ice cream maker. This is how the parts look like unassembled.

rinaz ice cream maker gelato

And this is how it looks like assembled (with an ice cream already being mixed) Careful not to touch the insides of the cooling jug, its cold!

rinaz ice cream maker gelato

And then slowly add the cold-end ice cream mix from the open lid above. And in about 20 minutes you’ll see your mixture slowly turn into ice cream!

And now that we’ve been so patient all these while, finally its time to dig in!

rinaz ice cream maker gelato
This is a very nice honey frozen yoghurt Cart made πŸ˜€

So far, we’ve made vanilla ice cream, blood orange sorbetto, lemon frozen yoghurt and honey frozen yoghurt on the ice cream maker. Its too bad that the machine only makes a litre at a time because that’s only about 2 servings each for the both of us!

rinaz ice cream maker gelato
This is the blood orange sorbetto I made. Its as easy as combining sugar water and orange juice!

Some might be wondering, what’s the need for an ice cream maker when I can just make the mix and stuff it in the freezer. I think the biggest difference is the texture. While the one stuffed in the freezer will be crystallised, the one made by an ice cream maker will turn out soft and creamy.

While the gelato that we made might not match to San Crispino or Tony’s Gelateria, there is something very satisfying about making your own ice cream

This is an additional incentive for friends to come over, yes?

Sidenote : It’s Singapore’s National day today! Happy birthday Singapore! By the way, does anyone has a minus-one for the Corrinne May song? I really like it.

11 Replies to “Hooray! I has an ice cream maker!”

  1. That looks awesome! I didn’t realize making ice cream at home could be so easy. Definitely a lot of things on my list to try when we get back to the US. Our freezer in the Philippines isn’t big enough to fit that bucket into.

    1. Its not so very big though. Its small enough to fit about 1 litre of ice cream mix. Wouldn’t it be more sense to make it in the Philippines? Its hotter there than the US πŸ™‚

      1. Perhaps, but we don’t plan on buying a fridge that large for our short stay here. ^_^ When we get to the US, we’ll stock up on more items because we won’t be leaving there again until possibly after retirement. We just don’t want to invest a lot in things we won’t be able to ship.

  2. wow, awesome, it can make frozen yoghurt too! You know, fro-yo is a huge huge craze in Indonesia (in Jakarta at least). Every mall has at least 2 stalls. It’s all the low-fat, low-calorie thing… Haha.

    Was the recipe the same if you want to make fro-yo? Did the recipes come with the ice cream maker?

    1. It can make any ice dessert, maybe one day I’ll try ice kacang :p

      For the frozen yoghurt, its more or less the same ingredients except that the ingredients doesn’t need to be chilled in the refrigerator since they start out cold anyway πŸ™‚

      And yes, there are recipes in the ice cream maker!

  3. Yay! Been meaning to buy one too! Especially when I bought a book called Vice Cream. All about homemade ice cream meant for people who want to have healthy version of ice cream.

  4. Well done for getting an ice cream maker! Isn’t it exciting and fun to make your own ice cream? Are you sure 1 litre is 2 servings? Mine is a Japanese brand, and as most things Japanese, it’s small and takes up to 700ml only. Wished I had at least 1litre jug. Looking forward to more ice cream posts πŸ™‚

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